Super Mario Advance 2

I just bought the game (for the gba) and as I’ve been playing it I noticed a couple spots where it lags and at the same time a thin purplish line appears on the top of the screen. Has this happened to other people, or is my cartridge just defective?

Never happened to me :-/ Does it happen at a specific location or just intermittently? If it’s option 2, then you can be about 99.9999% sure your cartridge is cack :thud: if it’s option 1, it’s still probably a cack cartridge, if you know someone who owns a copy, see if it happens in that specific location on that copy as well.

Take it back to wherever you got it in anycase. No this hasnt happened to me at all, and ive beaten the game.

unfortunately, I got it from ebay, so… :\ It does it intermittently, so I guess it’s the cartridge. It doesn’t bother me too much, but I’m a little worried it’ll get worse.

Anyway, stuff like this is always a risk with ebay… I could send it back to the person, but I think I’ll go through an alternate route.

Flog it at your local second hand place :get it?:

…come on, as if you’ve never disposed of faulty games that way :mwahaha:

I agree with neb (i think, flog? :P). Take it to an EBgames or Gamestop and sell it to them. Or just sell it back to someone new on Ebay.

I wouldn’t sell the defective cartdrige before checking if it’s possible to beat the game.

Anyway, how much did you pay in it? If I remember well, there’s something you can do in Ebay so that other people will see the person who sold it to you sold you broken stuff.

I would agree with Ren, give feedback for sure, but try it out, if the problem isn’t too major(or annoying) just keep it as you probably save4d quite abit buying it off ebay.

I paid 23 (including shipping) so it wasn’t THAT great of a deal. (though all the Super Mario Advances are going for pretty high… that was the best deal at the time considering it came with box and wasn’t from Hong Kong) And yeah, I could leave her negative feedback… but I haven’t decided one way or the other yet.

Anyway, selling it wasn’t quite what I had in mind (mine’s the, uh, more devious way - hopefully, it’ll work <.<) but regardless, thanks for the suggestions and input and stuff. :slight_smile: