Super Famicom Games

did super famicom games come sealed when bought brand new. i just bought chrono trigger for the famicom and it wasnt sealed even though it was listed as new. was the seller lying when he said the games were never sealed?

The boxes were usually shrink wrapped if I remember correctly, so he probably lied to you. It’s highly unlikely anyone would be selling a new SNES/Super Famicom game, although not completely impossible.

dude i have final fantasy 1 dragon warrior and metroid all brand new. you can buy alot of unopened games on ebay if you look i just bought a link to the past last week. i thought he was lying and already asked for a refund, but i didnt wanna turn out to be wrong. i was just making sure.

I don’t recall the few new SNES games I bought being shrinkwrapped.

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I don’t remember the games being shrinkwrapped. Maybe there were the clear sticker seals along the openings of the box, but I really don’t think there was anything more than that.

I have some japanese super famicom games namely dragon quest 1-2 remake, and dragon quest 3 remake that are sealed with a seam somewhat like a new nes game.

Depends on the manufacturer, and the region. US games were typically shrink-wrapped, though not all manufacturers did this. Some early Konami games simply had clear circular sticker-seals on either side. I’m sure other manufacturers did that, too. I’m not 100% certain about EU or AU SFC games, as I’ve never owned a <I>new</I> one of those, but JP games that I’ve seen have typically been shrink-wrapped or wrapped in cellophane.

Again, this is from my experience. There could be people out there who’ve seen other things. The only new JP SFC games I’ve purchased have been Enix titles, and those were shrink-wrapped, as Hellhawk implied.

I bought a copy of FEDA a few years ago. The seller said it was new, but it wasn’t shrinkwrapped. No saved games (although the seller could’ve deleted them), but the manual had that new-manual smell (although it obviously wasn’t new). So, new enough for me.:biggrin: Of course, maybe customs opened it to ensure it wasn’t a secret WMD (crazy people). :booster: