Suikoden IV isnt "terrible" per se

Sucks how I’m 4 hours in, and only now anything has happend. I know slooooooooowly maneuvering the ship while getting hit with random battles every two seconds (I counted) will really test whether or not I actually stick with the game. I really want to though, because the Suikoden series tells some of the best stories in the genre.

Suikoden 4 doesn’t tell a good story. No matter how long you play.

While I believe S4 is the worse of the series, on a larger scale I think it’s an average game. It does have a few qualities that I consider redeeming such as one of the most organized menu screens and easily readible text fonts, the introduction of the Island Nations into the Suikoden world, and the storybehind the Rune of Punishment. Now the crappy gameplay (the numberous battle with frickin’ seaweed), poor graphics, and other things damper the game’s potential greatly, but I still thought it was a enjoyoble game as a whole. Not Konami’s greatest work, but I’ve played games that are worse. If you’re a big Suikoden fan like me, you’ll see past the games many faults and find ways to enjoy it.

The Island Nations in Suiko 4 is probably one of its worst aspects. When the Nations were mentioned previously, they sounded cool. Think about it. Island Nations. That should be a great archipelago, something like The Philippines. Instead, we get like 10 islands with, what, four or five towns? It sounds less like a great archipelago and more like Micronesia. Micronesia does not make for a good setting.

Weakest Suikoden game. But if your a fan…play it through. Also checkout Suikoden Tactics, it compliments IV.