Straight off the back of the success of SUIKODEN DAY 2011, we have decided to go for the same event this year!

A day to celebrate all things Suikoden, SUIKODEN DAY 2012 shall be held on November 30th, worldwide, with the winners of the competitions announced on December 17th (to coincide with the release date of the original Suikoden II). This is to give the judges more time to analyse the material properly prior to the busy Christmas period.

Please show your support and share our love of this amazing series. There are some amazing prizes on offer! Even if you don’t want to take part int he competitions, it really is great fun taking part in the day itself. Like last year, all material from the event shall be sent off to Konami America and Konami Japan.

I remember in my junior year of college, I desperately needed more beer money, so I sold my unopened copy of Suikoden 2 for like $130 bucks or something absolutely ridiculous on ebay. Thank you Suikoden for giving me more beer money in college and allowing me to drink more beer. Thank you Suikoden I love u.

If I had invested that $130 in bitcoins, I could have been a MILLIONAIRE! But I did have some reasonably priced moderately alcoholic American beer about 9 years ago so I guess that’s just as good.

I never played suikoden cuz I don’t speak japanese.

I sold the entire Suikoden series (I-V) together on eBay when I was buying my house a few years ago. I actually had to buy IV (which I’ve never played) so I could sell them as a group. It’s probably the only video game stuff I sometimes regret selling. Looking at prices now you can get II for less than $100 if you’re patient.

I have been thinking about listing the FF7 Forgotten City Cold Cast for $1000 just to see if someone would pay that much for it. It’s never listed.

lol! Id love to see if it sells for that! :smiley:

Well, hope to see some of you here at SUIKODEN DAY 2012 :slight_smile: Have a look at the awesome prizes on offer. Its sure to be an excelent event :slight_smile:

Why organise all this only on fb?

No paper trail for when this Nigerian Prince suddenly disappears with all the Potch.

It saddens me to find that spambots have finally recognized video game nostalgia as a source of income.

What, we had a Prince in the house? By my estimates he should have lasted 30-40 hours before a plucky band of adventurers put an end to that.

I apologise to everyone that has a problem with this being on Facebook. The reason for this, however, is that social media makes an event like this far more easier and quicker to manage as well as far more easier and quicker to gain a better numbers of attendants.

Also, the a large percentage of what is left of the (still interested) Suikoden fanbase can be found on Facebook.

You are welcome to create a fake account just for this event, if privacy is an issue. For example, there were many ‘Tir McDohls’ and stuff last year. I would have to advise that it is worth setting up a Facebook account just for this event though :slight_smile:

Um …what?

In this day and age, how much could it possibly cost to crank out a title like Suikoden V? Suikoden fans don’t give a fuck about graphics, which I would expect to be the biggest budget item for most games.

I don’t believe cost is the issue though. Not so much as Konami not willing to, or not being capable of, making a worthwhile Suikoden game. Hell, not only is the original Suikoden team gone but the last game to bear the name Suikoden was cobbled together to fucking Tri-Ace of all people, and is the primary reason why the latest “Suikoden” game sucked. Which is why I have absolutely no faith in the OP’s proposal and suspect it to be a con, because there’s no way in hell this guy’s capable of convincing anybody at Konami to not just simply take whatever offering is given to them then turn around and contract it out to some other third rate RPG developer like Imageepoch, Idea Factory, or Tri-Ace again.

Not even a fraction as good I would literally murder any 10 people on the planet someone told me to (be them family, whoever) if I could be a millionaire and never receive any kind of charge and who drinks beer or any kind of alcohol that shit just makes me feel like garbage

Its a big ask, thats for sure, but I dont htink its impossible for the Suikoden series to get back on track. The Suikoden team is also still around, just working on different projects. It surely wouldnt be that hard to get them back together? That is, of course, unless your referring to the original Suikoden team who worked under Murayama. Thats an even bigger ask.

Im a little confused as to what you think I’m proposing though? And why you think its a con? Im simply asking people if they are interested in joining Suikoden Day, a worldwide fan event where we can all celebrate our love for our favourite series.

Im not taking money from anyone or anything. In fact, just the opposite, the prizes on offer have all been provided out of us organisers own pockets.

What I think you’re proposing with this is not the acceptance that this series is for all intents and purposes dead or that fans should move on, but that you feel that it should be dragged back to life, almost like you are entitled to the continuation of this series when the creators and producers have shown disinterest or even the desire to move on to other endeavors.

And while I get the desire to want something you once enjoyed back to be enjoyed again, I feel that throwing a celebration or whatever it is that you’re trying to do is a bit much. In my opinion, if you really want to do something constructive, take what you’ve learned and enjoyed from this series and other series and make something of your own, something you know you’ll enjoy, and be safe in the knowledge that you need not wait on the stars to align for your series to continue should you want it to continue, kinda like what this guy did.

Ah right, I see. I got the impression you were writing me off as some sort of con man.

Well, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But that is not my style. I simply got tired of hearing Suikoden fans moan about the same things over and over again. I figured its best to do something about it rather than sit and moan about it. In the beginning, there was more of a demand from fans for something like SUIKODEN DAY. A place where people could celebrate their favourite game series in absense of a new game. Which is what we provided for them. It was a 100% positive experience and was just what everyone needed. Those who didn’t want to get involved didn’t have too.

We now have more of a demand for taking things further, which is why the Suikoden Revival Movement was created:

I understand you see this as fans simply refusing to move on, which may well be the case. But for me personally, and I’ll be totaly honest with you here, its simply something I really enjoy doing. I am curious to see how far it can go, I enjoy the skills I’m learning from it, I enjoy the great people I meet from doing it, I love seeing how it inspires other people and it all feels very productive. Sometimes I even forget that its actualy about Suikoden. Its a very positive project to have in my life. Its that simple.

No one has to get involved if they don’t want to. But I was hoping I could pick up some eager and like minded fans, here on these forums, for SUIKODEN DAY 2012.

Should the OP ever decide to return…

…here you go.

Um …yes. It was me who organised this. Unfortunately, Siliconera did not quote the Suikoden Revival Movement as the foundation for this event.

The way I see it, if they were able to take a Konami RPG series (Vandal-Hearts) and revive it in 2010, ten years after its last installment; there’s no reason the same couldn’t been done for Suikoden. Maybe we won’t see it for a couple years but someone might do it if there was enough demand. The difference was that Vandal-Hearts: Flames of Judgment was a lower budget, download only title; but as mentioned before if fans don’t care about graphics then it really wouldn’t have to come out on disc. The most important aspect of Suikoden is the story and involvement of many characters in that story.

The problem though is that Flames of Judgement sucked, completely missed the point of VH1, and was ugly as sin to boot.