Suikoden 2

…has just been beaten by me. W00tz0r. Now before you ask, it’s not my own copy, I got a lend of it from a friend. In fact, the hardest part will be giving it back :slight_smile:

Having loaded my save data from Suikoden 1 with all 108 Stars of Destiny, I got all 108 this time around too, and got the HAPPY END!! ™ as well, for those who have played it know what I mean.

I might try my hand at Suikoden 3 soon if I can get a copy. Now I only wish I could come across Suikoden 2 myself, but I know that if I ever did I’d pay a fortune for it.

As for my opinions about the game, well, I can easily say it’s one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played. Which makes me want to get my own copy even more. The story takes some VERY interesting turns in the second half, and it’s well worth getting all 108 stars and going for the best ending, I was nearly moved. It had an excellent soundtrack, and great 2-D graphics (personally I am not of the opinion that 3-D is ‘better’ than 2-D. They are just both different styles to be used in their own ways, no superior or inferior to the other)

So, the bottom line is… if anyone wants to sell their copy of Suikoden 2 for a reasonable price, I’d be happy to take it off their hands :smiley:

The prices of Suikoden 2 on Amazom rang from 75 to 150 dollars.

Whitch is precicly why I don’t have it, and never will. :too bad;

Didn’t even know it was on Amazon…
I see it on Ebay occasionally, for $50 US or more usually.

I wonder what the chances are of getting Konami to re-release it? Slim probably, but it’s too bad, it’s such a great game.

Possibly a flood of interest would get them to re-release it, and personally I would repurchase it considering I cant find my manual and my game itself has several vicious scratchs that dont make it unplayable in my PS2 but make it impossible to play on my friends ps1.

I bought Suikoden II over a year ago or so at Virgin for $ 9.99 plus tax. I was happy to find it at such a low price. Tis a great game indeed. I’ve played and beaten Suikoden I & II and plan on playing Suikoden III soon.

I got mine quite a while ago too when it first came out for the regular price of $49.99. I have to say it is one of the best games around, and definitely the best in the series so far in my opinion (I have Suikoden III as well).

heh I bought mine for 24.99 at game stop like a year ago, great buy