Suikoden 1

…Has been pwnzed by your truly. Was a pretty fun game, I have to admit. Was a pain to get all 108 stars, though.

I’ve been meaning to get that…is it a hard game to find? If it is, is it worth 40 bucks on Amazon? And how much replay value does it have?

I dunno, I got Suikoden 1 in a flea market in an virtualy new state for 10 bucks. Canadian.

A lucky SoB is you. :slight_smile:
I might have had to beat you for being so damn lucky if not for the fact that I’d rather not be on the buisness end of a jello launcher.

I should not mention I got Persona 1 also praticaly new in a store for 15, where it’s was never rented at all, wich is the primary reason why they sold it to me.

…yeah, I never heard of that. It’s all good. :cool:

<img src=“”> Good job Lunaris on beating Suikoden 1. I suggest you try to hunt down Suikoden 2 and pick up Suikoden 3 soon, both are very good. Oh wait…I think the Queen Ant has something to say.

<img src=“”> Cause you for beating the game. If it wasn’t for that stupid Ted, then Tir would been my kids dinner treat. Grrr…oh well, at least the shrine is being redone by that stupid Rirsekid. Maybe I can use it to beat Ted up next time we play the game. Fauhauhahuahuhu.

<img src=“”> Yesss…queen, we will destroy him next time. Mwuhauhuauha.

Suiko 1 is neat. GG: look on ebay. Ebay is good. Ebay has good prices usually. Also check, they occasionally have good deals.

I bought Suikoden 1 over a year ago, and only finally played through it two months ago >_>

Yeah, tis a good game, I got all 108 stars as well. Now I want to play through Suikoden 2, but it ain’t exactly easy to find, or cheap to get. Thankfully I know a friend IRL who has it, and will lend it to me. Yatta.

Bah! I want both of 'em! I keep not having a chance to …

Suik 1 isn’t too rare, and tends to go for $10-$20 USD. Suik 2 is much more rare, but it’s excellent, and you can load your data from the end of Suik 1 to change some of the plot (insignificantly). eBay prices on Suik 2 are way way over inflated (eBay prices are only good on common things), but if you check around at game stores, you can usually find the North American print for somewhere between $30 and $50 USD. The European and Japanese ones go for considerably less than that on eBay.

Suikoden 3 is already out of print, but you can find it used at many games stores for $40-$50 still. Good luck, though.

eBay, here I come! If I’m lucky, I can find a 3-pack! :slight_smile:

I was accualy lucky enough to find a copy of Wild ARMs about a week or two ago…when I’m finished with that, I’ll scavenge for two and three. :slight_smile:

I got lucky. I found a used copy of 2 the day after I bought 3. I already owned 1. 3 is probably one of the best PS2 RPGs that I’ve played.

Suikoden 1 is a fun game. I have that and S2…it’s nice to go back and play and see what the hell they’re talking about in S2 when they speak of Highland and Toran republic and all…plus you realize there are many S1 characters in the second game that you can get, and/or talk to. Lots of connections there, yup, good games. Heard S3 wasn’t that great but being a fan of both prequels I’ll probably like it. S1 WAS pain getting the characters (especially if you left recruiting Leon till the last battle and Mathiu wont give you the damned letter…) but the ending=insanely easy. Nice work.

Suikoden was a great game even though it was really short. I really didn’t find it hard to get all of the 108 stars though. Suikoden II is in my opinion, the best game in the series. Personally I like FFX better than Suikoden III.

I’m in all of 'em!

Apple is all three too. Viki was even in the third one twice !

Luc is in all three too. ^^