As I come from a different RP forum, and I know that not every RP forum is the same, I know I should be cautious when making certain suggestions. A forum that has regulars from years back, obviously started small, and therefore I will state that I realize that most of my suggestions are probably things that people have suggested before.

Going on…

I suggest a few changes within the forums. The place seems like it’s been around for a while, but I see that the RPing forum is quite… Not to sound rude… Messy. All the RPs are in the same place, which can lead towards a bit of trouble when looking for a finished RP you want to read over. I suggest making seperate forums for each particular RP (one for fantasy-based RPs, one for modern and futuristic, one for fan-fics, and one for battle threads). That way, people can go to one particular forum to find one particular thread. Rather than going into one giant forum to find a mess of different kinds of threads. This would keep from confusion.

My second suggestion, is to make the rules guide a bit more in-depth on an IC level. When RPing, there’s obviously boundaries. I’ve been to more than one RP forum in my life, and I’ve seen a lot of different styles of RPing. Some write paragraph style (which I’ve seen a lot here so far), asterisk action style (which I’ve also seen a bit here), and there’s also script style, which I haven’t seen just yet. I know that some are comfortable with one certain style, myself included. I learned how to RP with asterisk, but I found paragraph and dropped asterisk for the other. I would put in the rules “This forum runs mainly on (style) of RPing. Of course, you can RP in a different style, such as (style), but our main style is (style).”

Third, put warnings on language use. In todays world where a 10 year old can type faster than most adults, there are bound to be more children on public internet sites. Including this one. I know that a lot of people don’t care if children read swear words, and if they start using them it’s their problem, but the parents of the children do care. I’d know, I’ve been there. If someone overuses it IC or OOC wise, tell them to knock it off? Maybe? Please? I don’t want to lose my privleges just as much as the next person. And one of the things that could cause that is too much language on the sites I go to.

Fourth, make a type of guide for battling and role playing in general. In battles, it’s easy to godmod with any character. Doesn’t matter what it’s abilities are or not, you can godmod with it. Putting up guidelines on how many attacks a person can make in one post, and how powerful one attack would be. Unless the style of orthodox fighting would be “as long as you’re not more powerful than Omega Shenron, you’re fine.” then I shouldn’t be talking. But I doubt that’s the case. This would also help beginners know how to keep from being flamed by over zealous role players.

Of course, these are just mere suggestions, and you are not obligated to do such. I just wish to make this site just as successful as the next one. And if you have any questions to the above, don’t hesitate to ask.


Antaeus, titan of the earth.

P.S. If someone could, please list, or point me to a list, of who the moderators and admins are, so I know who to speak with incase of emergencies? Thanks.

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The idea of freeform-roleplaying basically means as few rules as possible, since it’s left up to the participants to make a good RP that is fun for everybody.

Which is largely why the Free RP forum is only a small part of the site which gets treated like shit. Additional forums won’t get added, there’s not enough interest to warrant it, since only a few topics get made per day (at most).

The language is the same as all the other forums here. If you get offended by someone saying fuck, or are worried that your parents will, I suggest you go to a different forum.

As for a list of the mods:

The mods for a particular forum are also shown in the bottom-right corner of that forum, but if none of them are online feel free to hit up one of the other mods.

Also, wrong forum. Pay attention to that next time.

Apologies for you having trouble reading my post. O.o//

Well, I understand that, but if people want to have a good and intelligent battle, but not know anyone here, and your biggest godmodder takes the challenge, that just makes the sites rep worse. That person will say this site is filled with godmodders, even though it’s not, and eventually you’ll lose potential regulars.

So, if not making a forum for different forms of RP, why not just different subforums in the RP forum for the different styles, so everyone knows where to go if they’re more into one style? And if they want to learn how to do a specific style of RPing, they can just go into that forum and read the guide on how to RP that way. I’d be willing to help with it if you’d like.

No, I’m not offended by reading an occasional swear, but when people go overboard it just gets stupid to be there, trying to wade through a post full of language. If I wanted to get into a good discussion with someone and all I get to read is insults and profanities I just get tired of it. I suggested this for the better of the younger RPers that might show.

-edited again. good lord, I’m not going to read posts in these crazy horrible colours.

This site and the forum aren’t RP focused whatsoever. The Free RP forum is only a very small part of the whole, which was put into place purely for RP threads to stop polluting other forums. As it stands, currently, the backlog of an entire month doesn’t even exceed one page, so there is completely no point in making multiple genre-specific RP boards.

If you want to debate something, talk on the main forum. It’s thoroughly decent most of the time, and if swearing does go overboard it gets moderated.

Honestly, this doesn’t sound like the place for you. In general the RPers of this board get looked at with equal parts of disgust and disdain and the rest of the forum members are probably a good deal older than you and don’t share your interests. You might want to look around for a different community to hang out in.

And please stop colouring your posts. It doesn’t make them unique, it makes them painful and annoying to read.

Okaaaay… >_>;

Well, I found this site by googling “Paragraph RP forums”, and this was one of the first sites I found. This forum does look a bit like an RP forum, actually, it looks a LOT like an RP forum.

In general the RPers of this board get looked at with equal parts of disgust and disdain and the rest of the forum members are probably a good deal older than you and don’t share your interests. You might want to look around for a different community to hang out in.

Erm… Where do you even get off saying that? I haven’t even been here a month and you seem to think I don’t belong here or something? I roleplay, that means I have one specific forum that I like to be in right there. I like final fantasy, there’s another. I always go for a good debate, regardless of the age group that I’m with. Hell, half the people who are older than me respect me more than people my age do because I’m so much more mature than kids my age today.

No, I’m not getting mad, but I just thought you were coming off a bit rude. Apologies if you thought that way.

I only color my posts because the other forum I go to is also vBulletin, and I’m used to coloring them. The background is a different color so my usual colors don’t show up as well. I’ll stop.

Anyways; all I was doing was giving out some suggestions to help out the roleplaying community, so people can come here and do something they love to do when their previous site dies out or they get tired of it for one reason or another. I love to write and roleplaying was what got me started. I wanted to find another site like the last one. That’s how I found this. I didn’t know that RPing was considered disgusting here.

I’m just being honest with you, no harm intended. The free RP forum isn’t exactly looked well upon here, as are it’s regulars. I didn’t mean to tell you to gtfo my forum, but since you’ve got such an interest in RP that you might be better served by a community more oriented towards it.

Beyond the free RP forum, the majority of regulars are hovering around their twenties, and probably occupied with other things than you are (such as masturbating furiously to catgirl pornography or large words). If you do decide to stick around, more power to you.

(Also, just for the record, this a forum attached to a larger website: It’s not unheard of for people to hang around the forums and not know this, and if you got here by googling… yeah.)



Instead, why not make a giant forum just for RPGs? There are other RPGs besides FF, and that’s the only one I see. It’d keep the forums that much neater, and it’d be better than making one forum for each imparticular RPG.

And that’s why we have the videogame forum. The FFC is the forum of, which is hosted by us, and to avoid the other forums getting flooded with countless Final Fantasy threads.