Suggestions needed.

I finally finished getting the last Excel Saga ep, and now Kazaa is just sitting there doing nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions of decent anime to go for? I already have:

Ninja Scroll
Blood: The Last Vampire

I was gonna go and get back Eva since it got deleted, but I don’t know anymore. ANy ideas?

EDIT: Um, if you do have any, could you tell me what they’re about, as anime titles rarely make sense.

Try Spriggin. If you liked Aikara you’ll most likly love Spriggin. Theres also Macross Plus and Macross Zero.Vampire Hunter D, Dominoin Tank Police, Yoma, Demon City Shinjuku.

Try Hyper Police :slight_smile:

Witch Hunter Robin if you’ve watched Cowboy Bebop it’s animation is superbly up to par. Plus it’s very deep and dark and fast paced and…I am very biased in saying this looks at avatar

[li]Serial Experiments Lain
[/li][li]Furi Kuri
[/li][li]Boogiepop Phantom
[/li][li]Record of Loddoss War OVA

And since you said decent anime, and not necessarily good, I suppose I could add Mythical Detective Ragnarok Loki to the list.

[li]El-Hazard: The Magnificent World
[/li][li]Seiki no Senki
[/li][li]Last Exile
[/li][li]Gundam Seed
[/li][li]Scrapped Princess

You can find most of them in the chat room #rpgc

please buy eva.



Do yourself a favor and get Hellsing.

And X/1999.

You can get it from Dark Sand in the #rpgc chat room.

Shaman King.

Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

Orphen and Devil Hunter Yoko, but these are mostly comedy…