So what do you all think?

Have you played it? Is it good?

We have sold quite a few at gamestop, but I played the demo, the demo was horse ass to say the least. The controlls BLOW and the voice acting left much to be desired. I’ve heard that the actual game was great though… But then again, our customers are stupid (in bellevue, not you all ^_^). I didnt bother to play the full game after the demo, did any of you?

my friend has it for the xbox but i haven’t actually played on it. he says it’s just an average rpg, nothing special about it. but he wouldn’t call it a bad game either, just OK.

dam is it that bAD?? …and i was gonna get it… :noway:

I thought the controlls were horse balls when I played the demo, then one of the guys who worked on it asked us (at gamestop) what we thought about it. He seemed a little let down and informed us that infact nothing had changed as far as gameplay mechanics go. So if its the same as the Demo, I hate it.