Suckage and more suckage.

Suckage: A Marine friend of mine who has been a friend of mine since we were kids is being sent to Afgahnistan (spelling?) next month. He’s in the Marine Air Wing and works on Harriers.

More suckage: My friend in the Army, who is also the other friend’s brother, is stuck in Iraq until February (for a total time of 1 year). He’s in the 101st Airborne so he’s seen a lot of shit and was also in the war in Afgahnistan.

I’m really sorry to hear that Info. I hope they end up fine :slight_smile:

Man, why is it the guys that don’t want to go the ones that go. goes on some mad rambling about not being deploed either place while his friends are stuck in hell, despite not wanting to be there

We live in a very screwed-up world, that’s why.

But yeah, that does suck. Maybe they’ll be back sooner…y’never know…

Infonick, you’re military? This I did not know.

Hope they come back safe. Combat isn’t particulary something I’d want to force on anyone.

EDIT: Christ that was bad form. Sorry man, I didn’t mean to use a pun in that.

Because of the curse. Those that want to go, don’t, and those who don’t want to go, do. Just start hopeing they won’t send you off.

I hope they’ll end up alright.

I can’t understand your liking for those places. They’re sand hells. Why don’t you just go to the middle of Arizona or Texas and go camping far away form the cities while poiting a gun to the horizon? Must feel almost like Afeghanistan or Iraqi for that matter.

Liek I’ve said before, I’m insane. I probably really beat anyone here in terms of insanity, the #1 requirement for the site.:hahaha;