SUBS Vs DUBS (who's side are you on?)

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I’m not sure whether this topic has been covered before, but I thought I’d start a poll on SUBS and DUBS :stuck_out_tongue: But really, both of these have a significant effect for me when I watch my anime! Personally I prefer dubbed episodes over subtitled ones because I hate having to quickly glance at the bottom of the screen to see what the characters a saying and miss some key events in the video.

Now, I know what a lot of you are going to say… most of the time the dubbed voices sound weird and completely out of place! I for one agree with that to a certain extent (e.g. the original Ash Ketchum sounded like a proper kid… and the hoenn/sinnoh Ash sounds like his doped up on some really nasty stuff! my opinion :hahaha;) For this reason, I’m very cautious of that and only select dubbed anime that are done properly and appropriately.

Anyway, what are your views regarding SUBS/DUBS?

I guess I have never seen a bad dubbing before. If the characters are not speaking english their acting is completely pointless (in my opinion, anyway). Also, it is always neat when a familiar voice actor pops up.

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Really? I’ve never seen a good dubbing before. Maybe it’s partly the written-for-a-different-language thing, but they just all sound so unprofessional and forced.

Oh, there have been some good dubbings; check TV Tropes for a list of great Voice Actors (in both languages.)

Personally, I don’t care very much, as long as I get to understand what is being said- and as long as nobody’s voice is particularly bad.

Dragonball Z has always been commended for it’s dubbing, even many pure otakus prefer the dubbed version over the subbed version.

I’ve mostly seen mainstream anime, that is probably why I have this opinion.

Eh, I could go either way on this. I haven’t really seen enough Anime to make an good argument. I guess it depends on the show. Some shows have really good dubs, but I guess I haven’t really come across really bad ones. To be honest, most of my bad experiences come from bad game dubbing.

To be fair, I’m fine with either one. But there are cases where I prefer one over the other, like FMA:Brotherhood, where I liked the subs better.

You don’t have to select which ones best, just the one you personally prefer. But yeah, like you said some people prefer either depending on the anime. However, it would be best if everyone could select their favourite… I’m kind of investigating that’s why! :stuck_out_tongue: To be honest I’m quite surprised that dubbing is in the lead!

I actually used to turn down the color on my T.V. and watch Cowboy Bebop with the japanese audio.

You know, I don’t get what makes the “great” dub voice actors so great. 99% of them sound unnatural. Ironically, Hollywood has done much, much better with Anime dubs than those who actually make a career out of it. The Ghibli dubs are hands down, the best in the industry. Outside of that, there’s just a smattering of good dubs. To be fair, I’ve heard some crappy Japanese performances (Spirited Away, yuck).

I used to be pretty militant about this a few years ago. Now it’s just a personal preference. I just like listening to the language, I find it’s more natural and most of the time the Japanese vocal sounds (whatever you call it; intonation? timbre?) fits the character types better. Especially for female characters.

With me it’s the opposite, I find high pitched female/kid voices annoying, not enough not to watch though.

Sure I understand. I just find those voices to fit the characters better.

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A lot of linguistic elements can’t be handled by translation, especially puns or statements relying on gendered speech, but subbing leaves the original audio intact while providing a translation, which really offers the best of both worlds.

I don’t know why anyone would commend this. Except the fact from what I’ve heard the original voices are not so hot. But all I remember of the dub is hating every moment of it. I think I was spoiled from amazing Spanish dubbing.

This being the DBZ dub.

I believe the English dubbing for the dragonball series is what received praise from many.

Spanish dubs are very good, those are the first I ever heard (by which I mean Latinoamerican Spanish, which is different from Spanish, err, spanish, same way as British English differs from American.) The style of translation has varied over the years; back when I was a kid there was an emphasis on giving things a “cultural” flavor, that is, the characters sounded like they came from Mexico and not Japan (even if the series clearly was set in Japan!) Later on they became less specific. However they always were acted right, which I guess is what matters, especially during climatic moments- nobody wants to listen to, for a example, a death scene where the voice actors sound bored.

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It’s much more easy on eyes, condensed! xD …Cheers Cless!

Subs, if only due to the fact that it is literally impossible for some shows to be dubbed. (I’m looking at you LOGH.)

You don’t have the motivation for a SUB until you’ve finished a DUB. HA! I knew it was somewhere in here.