Stupid users.

just wonderin if u wanted to join from Rocko

Hey!!! Hows it going, just wonderin if you wanted to join this forum because we need loads of people to join to help it grow because its a bit dead at the moment Click Here to Visit Mordana its a fictional ongoing party Island created purely for fun and for people to get together and make new friends, you earn points from posting and getting jobs etc and with the points you can get Items, go to the Lottery or Bank and soon im getting an Arcade so you will be able to go there thx Rocko :cool

Hey, thanks for PMing me, and wasting my time with your garbage.

Isn’t there a rule against advertising? This guy registers, and PMs me with 0 posts <s>and expects to get respect from me</s> and is advertising his website.

    • No advertising about your site or message board. If you want to advertise something, contact an administrator and request permission, otherwise your thread will be closed for spamming.

Why yes, there is. Perhaps rather than bitching about it here, it would be wise to contact an administrator about this, just in case this person has not solicited them yet. :slight_smile:

Wow, I like this post better than the one I made on the other thread. :slight_smile:

Thats good advice and all but Setz’ll do anything to get his post count up. So it falls upon deaf ears.

Like Setz just said, post count = respect. He’s still hoping.

Look at me! I’ve got 2k posts and I have the most respect from everyone in the world. Now get on your knees…

I have more posts than everyone in this thread. Why isn’t one of you giving me head? No, scratch that. All of you. Thats right. Feel the epenis goodness.

Edit: Which is kind of funny when you think about it, considering everyone in this thread has been around longer (aside from ramza/setz) and is more respected.

I win. Now shut up, bitches.

I’m going to go spam this message board, all those against say nay.

Hah, Rocko PMed me again, with the same message. =/


This has been taken care of.