Stupid question

I use Media Player Classic to watch video files on my computers. I formated my laptop last night and everything is peachy except I can’t get it to play .mov files. I don’t want to use quicktime unless I absolutely have to. Help?

I think has at least one alternative.

I aviod Quick time more that Windows Media and Real PLayer. XP has recoverd WMA/WMV’s reputaions…

As BN said, install quick alternative. Does everything quicktime does without all it’s bullshit (except for play embedded music in firefox in it’s current release, but really, is that a loss?). While you’re at it, install real alternative.

Move zig.

That list is great and I already have most of the goodies there that I need (although I was very happy to find an adobe alternative!!); the problem is that Media Player Classic used to play .mov and it no longer does and I’m at a loss as to why.

TD: thanks, trying quick alternative

.mov requires the quicktime codec, so I guess you had that somewhere on your old install (some MPC installers come with quick/real alternative, too, or the other way around). Regardless, it should get fixed by installing quick alternative.

And I’m in LOVE with Foxit PDF Reader.

Thanks TD, the quick alternative works. Man this rocks. I fucking HATED adobe’s program.

Yeah, ditto. Hooray for loading PDF’s in five under seconds!

Damn, that PDF alternative is still around? I thought they got sued back to the stoneage.


That’s what you get when you use someone else’s format, presumably without permission :stuck_out_tongue:

Got some articles about that, by the way?