Stupid legalities

It’s just so fucking stupid it’s not funny.

You said it Xelo,it’s incredibly stupid,just because of a few meters they let it burn down.People are just getting dumber and dumber

Who the fuck makes those laws anyway? X-(

That’s who.

That had got to be the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a loong time.

hahaha Timmens sounds like a funny place. Thats something that would happen in a cartoon.

What if the house was halfway across the line? Would they only put half of it out?

Wiz: Legally, if they pay taxes, the fire department would put out the entire thing

Gila: That was in Cochrane, which is an hour away from Timmins (Although only about 15 minutes outside our city limits. Timmins is the largest “city” in Canada area wise [Toronto Montrael Ottawa and Vancouver are considered Metropolises, or is it Metropolii?])

That’s just stupidity. Were it something like a large-scale crime, and it would cause complications, then MAYBE that should be condoned.

But in the case of a fire? No-brainer.

I mean, I may be filled to the brim with cruelty, but that’s stupidity.

Thats just plain stupid, i could understand that from maybe a cop but a fire dept?

all mine over by me are volunteer so maybe it would depend on a paid dept.

Heads should roll for this outrage!

That is truly shameful and dishonourable. The government should order them to work when needs be; they are a public service and set up to help those in need. Taxpayers do not pay to have the fire department sit around whilst their house burns to the ground.

Yeah, even if they are outside town limits, I doubt the citizens would mind paying like .01 extra to save a house.

You don’t want my opinion about the fire department p:unch::

Yes we do…?