Stupid funny story.

Yesterday when I came home from my night class I saw a little notecard in my window. At first I thought it was bad, like someone hit my car and was leaving their information. However, it was somebody interested in buying my car. I don’t have a for sale sign or anything on my car, but some chick left her number and stuff on my car. I just thought it was sort of funny. It’s even funnier since my car isn’t the best looking car. It runs well and is good for its age, but still.

Chick? She probably just wants YOU. I say go for it.

Sou dayou. Hiryuu wa iutori desu.

Tap it.



I guess she was probably drunk or something.

So, did you pork her?

… Did Vicki just say that?
And did you?

No, no, no, and no. Damn, I don’t even know her or what she looks like. Considering how legibly she wrote and how conherent her message was, I doubt it Miltank.

Beware of women who write legibly and coherently.They can’t be trusted!


No really, I actually thought that was kinda funny.

Well, that’s a new way to pick up people.

You should sell her your car, but when you hand over the keys, give her your penis instead.

You people are so sick, im laughing my ass off.

I say atleast call her and find out like why she wants its, and see what shes offering. Then have sex with her. :slight_smile:

I trust you more than any other woman on this planet! I swear. You are the best :wink:

Seifer, I love you.

I’m still laughing. But not enough to cut Sorc out of my sig!

I made sorc say that, you know. smug

Find her and write the message, “I love you too!”