Stupid computer headphones.

I can’t believe this… I’m using headphones with my computer, and the bloody things decide to BREAK OFF inside the jack! Now not only can I not use headphones, because the computer thinks there’s still headphones inside, there’s nothing coming out of the speakers either! It’s effectively mute. >< Anyone have any idea how to get the stupid end of it out of the hole? Or at least some way of bypassing the headphones and letting the speakers work by themselves? And I’ve tried turning it upside down and banging on it. ><

Speaker shouldnt be too hard to open up. Barring that either A: Magnet; or B: Something small enoughto get between the jack and the inside of the hole and work it loose.
But um yeah <b>I</b> know of no way to bypass it but others might.

Try getting it out with some tweezers? Or use some strong thin object to try loosening it out of there?

Gah, no! Don’t use a magnet to get it out!

I’m not sure where it broke off at, because you’re quite vague in your description of what happened, but you should check your headphone manufacture’s website, and the manufacture’s website for whatever port the jack broke off in. There’s likely a listing in one of their technical support listings for a problem just like this, and they probably list a specific tool or instructions for removing the broken jack. Just stop banging on the thing, you’re probaby damaging the thing, and you’re never going to remove it that way.

Don’t bring magnets near your computer, period.

Is the Offending hole on the speakers or on the PC sound card itself?

Big Nutter
Expensive option Buy Sony Headphones and Buy replacement Speakers/soundcard.

I know you dont take magnets to the comp, I was trying to give Cid a reasonable excuse to get new speakers.

There’s nothing wrong with the speakers. The headphone end got stuck in the hole on the computer tower itself (at the bottom).

GM, thanks for the tips… tried that, got nothing at all. I think the only way is going to be to take off the whole case somehow and poke them out from the other end. -_-

What’s interesting about not putting magnets next to pc’s (for obvious reasons if you know some electrical physics), is that speakers use magnets in order to produce sound. Where do people generally put their subwoofers? That’s probably not strong enough though.

I only hope not a Intergrated soundcard or one with a front panel.

Big Nutter

Never mind, I called Dell tech support and got it sorted out (yay university accounts). I just disconnected the headphone cord from the motherboard and now the speakers are working fine (and I can use my headphones too if I connect them to the back). But luckily the warranty’s still there so they’re actually going to come in, take off the little front panel and replace it.

holds up big magnet with the words COMP KILLER written across it

so uh…you still want me to use the magnet, right?