Stupid colleges

Ok, I’m thinking of becoming a recording engineer (or whatever they’re called). Basically means I’d be the guy behind that really big set of dials and knobs in a recording studio that records the music being played and tweaks it so it sounds good. Kind of like a producer, anyways long story short I can’t find ANY courses that sound like they are what I should take. Any one know what I should be taking?

I don’t think you’d <em>need</em> to go to college for a job like that, you’d be much better off getting on the job training instead. But if you are interested in taking college for the job, some musical theory and music recording classes from a community college should be fine.

im pretty sure that college is probably extremely neccessary for recording engineering…

Theres probably some special course you to take.

Yeah, at a technical College, AKA community college. I don’t know if there is much demand for recording engineers, you might want to find something, well broader, and not as specific.

It would make sense to say that classes in signal processing and digital signal processing (usually found in electrical engineering curriculums) would be useful. Plus, it would look good on a resume.

On the other hand, if you are just looking for a job, it may be like using PhotoShop to touch up pictures. In other words, you wouldn’t necessarily need to know the theory behind how the filters work in order to use them.

Yeah, that’d be more in the way of a technical college, but before you choose one, make sure the college has been registered with the state, and isn’t actually a job-training type college. (unless that’s what you’re shooting for, of course.)

A college, yes. A university, more preferred. There are community colleges. Ever heard of a community University? No.

For sound engineering, you’d need to take some basic music classes, like theory and possibly Aural Skills, and then some basic eletronic/communications classes as well. Then for the fun stuff, anything a course teaches you about the technicality of music. Clipping, phasing, flange, panning envelopes, compression (and that last bit WILL be important!!) all other shit.

If you’re looking to be “the guy with the knobs and dials” you’ll be more into the analog recording and sound engineering/mastering rather than the desktop-digital recording. Digital’s more convient in most cases, but analog sounds better IMO.

As for places themselves…I recommend Nashville TN, 'cause with it being a major place in the world for music recordings, they also have a lot of classes in some of their colleges and universitys that cover that sort. But then again, Orian, you’re up in Canada, so I can’t help you there. D*mn out-of-state charges.

Hope that helps.
I’m pretty sure they have something there with the recording thing.

Down the page a bit.

Oh YEAH! How could I forget about Full Sail!!

Mind you, I’ve heard they try and take you in and get you out of there as fast as they can manage due to the increase of interest. I know a couple of people who went to a Full Sail place down in Florida, and they got to basically play around with all the cool shit a year from it’s original release. Even play-testing.

As for recording, they might do that, Ori. But mind you I think they are a bit selective about that issue and might requrie expierence rather than an interest from scratch or somewhere around there. But it’d be nice to look into if you take some creditted courses on sound engineering and whatnot.

Speaking of Full Sail…I might look into it after next semester…

Yeah, I’m going there for the course in game design and development.

Orian, you might wanna order their behemoth of an information packet (Three different, and HUGE, envelopes of info. Everything from nearby apartments that go for cheap, all the way to the furniture you can rent/buy and literally everything you need to know.)
Tuitions are anywhere from the upper thirty thousands to the lower fifty thousands.

Yeah, I ordered the info pack and they called me this morning to double check my info and everything. Then showing typical ignorance , that even though the woman knew I was from Canada, she invited me to come in for a tour this Saturday. I live in BC, opposite side of the freaking continent. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ori, are you thinking about doing this for music or for TV/movies? My dad’s a re-recording mixer, so I’ll see if he has any suggestions for you.

I’m going to take the course called music management, you learn all the aspects of the music business there… it’s really cool

Originally posted by Kero Hazel
Ori, are you thinking about doing this for music or for TV/movies? My dad’s a re-recording mixer, so I’ll see if he has any suggestions for you.

I’m meaning to do it for music.

Try combat engineering.

the world could always use more pirate astronauts