Stuff I don't want to see. Read.

No warez or anything else. Talk about it in the chat but don’t go posting links to where you can get the newst Warcraft, Civ, or whatever online. Pay for it like everyone else. Abandonware is ok though.

No private servers for MMORPGs. Pretty self explanatory. You’re fucking over the company AND everyone who plays it since the money for the subscription goes to further development and maintenence. I don’t want to hear it’s the same thing as downloadng mp3s. It isn’t.

No begging for equipment or anything else from MMORPGs or other online games. It’s spam. Ask people through other methods.

Threads solely pertaining to these subjects will be locked. Links will be editted. That is all.

This thread is 5 years old, and I’m getting the first reply to it. Go me!

I thought this thread was locked?

(You know, maybe we should turn this into the Hello All thread for non-staffers :slight_smile:

I don’t believe that will work. All our posts count.

Go Hades!

You’re all banned.