Stuck in the matters of the heart

I don’t know whether this is the best place to go for advice, but i guess if i keep asking someone is gonna tell me the right thing.

Problem: I have a tamani huge crush on this teacher of mine, and have had so for ages. Anyway, she recently got married and i’ve had to control myself cuz her husbands a big ass gangsta. So what should i do? i have this option to get everything off my chest and be forever shamed or i could continue in secret and go on with my life.

The chat room forum is for chat room related stuff people, I don’t know how else to put it.

Go on with your life. Any sort of meaningful relationship blossoming under these circumstances are… well, zero.

I wouldn’t tell her about this. As a future teacher myself, I would feel extremely uncomfortable if one of my students told me they had a crush on me (even though I’m sure they all do), and it would make teaching or interacting at all extremely awkward, since I’m quite sure this crush is unrequited (and if it’s not, she has no business teaching, period).

You’re young, believe me, you’ll get over it. Try developing a crush on somebody your age or something. It’s fine to fantasize, but you have to realize that a real relationship with your teacher wouldn’t be possible (even if she wasn’t married), and it’s silly to stay too emotionally attached in such situations.

I’m gonna stab at the thought that I may know what you are going through. I had a crush on my senior english teacher who was 24 and I was 18 at the time. Perhaps the age difference was slightly more realistic with us, but she was my teacher. She also had a boyfriend who she married after I graduated… However, when we were asked to write poems… I wrote a very very very subtle love poem that didnt become evident of it’s intent till the very last line… needless to say everyone was doing the whole “woooo” and stuff… But she smiled and was flattered by it… I got an A+ too…

I wonder if shes single yet… Hmmm…

but yeah, you’ll meet lots of girls in college, regardless of what most nerds in highschool or middle school think, they will get a chance after getting out of the poopy highschool years…

I have a crush on my sociology teacher. He has such beautiful eyes dreamy sigh crushes are fine, they’re normal, and it’s natural to develop those kinds of feelings for persons in power, such as teachers and doctors, etc. But it should remain just an admiration. Crushes are only for fun, and are NOT serious at all. We all get over them.

puts on his stalker shoes yep, as long as you dont take it seriously everythings ok. puts on his coat and hat see ya later everyone!

Let me put it this way: In my senior year, a teacher of ours had to leave for a month or two. While he was gone, a substitute took over for a while. She is hot. Everyone knew it too.

I don’t know how old she was, but I do know that she went straight to college after high school, and I had a class with her my freshman year, so she couldn’t have been very old at all.

The point is this: One of my classmates asked her out EVERY week. And every week her got shot down based on the basic principal of teacher-student non-datingness. At graduation he asked again and got shot down again, this time because he had tried too many times when she was the teacher.

Lesson: Teachers are for learning. Peers are for dating. Crushes are okay, but if you EVER want a chance after you graduate, don’t start trying now.

Keep in mind though, that he was 18 and she was 22. Divide 22 in half and add seven: 22/2 + 7 = 11+7 = 18. Their ages were close enough not to be creepy and wierd. How old is the teacher?

Keep it inside man, it really makes everything easier.

Don’t say a thing about it. You’ll move on with your life and with no one really knowing about it, you’ll have no shame.

There is this one hot teacher at my school. I really think that crushes put both the student and the teacher involved in akward positions. Know you got me thinking of the best teacher I ever had who left and moved to Arizona this year. :bowser:

Don’t say a word. Simple as that. It’s chances of working is arooooound…192983892447587565 to 0.