that’s pretty awesome.

edit, oh thank you.

Nifty makes the eyes have slight twitches or maybe I’m tired? ::dekar!::

I nominate this as the floor plan of the next final dungeon in a Final Fantasy. That’ll show all those kiddy gamers their place.

'Tis nifty.

You call that a string?

<b>This</b> is a string:

<img src = “”>

Pretty cool.

How’d you do that?

In England you’d qualify as an artist for that alone. We suck at judging art.

Just put one AFF7 (After FF7) gamer in Chaos’ dungeon in FF1. He’ll be swearing quite a lot, as he did in the MArsh Cave, the Earth Orb Cave, Gurgu volcano, Ice cave, Castle of Ordeals, Sky Tower, etc…