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Shit too late

So lately things have been on a up and down rollercoaster for me. I just moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend today and were arguing again.

Sounds like the two of you are getting along wonderfully and the decision to move in together was a well thought out and intelligent decision.

She seems to have two personalities that I’ve come to know and it truly drives me insane. On one side, she is the sweetest, most caring, and thoughtfull girlfriend anyone could ask for. But then theres the manic evil bitch side that comes around often unprovoked.

I’m glad to see you truly love and respect your girlfriend for who she is, not the perfect angel you want her to be. Oh wait…

Maybe it’s human for us all to have both a good and a bad side? Maybe because we aren’t perfect? Maybe you should stop expecting your girlfriend to be perfect all the time. Oh and if you’re moving in with her, maybe you should stop thinking of her as a bitch and respect her different sides a little. I’ll bet you aren’t always the perfect boyfriend either. Jesus what’s with you kids.

Today is the first day for us in the new apartment, as I said above, and she came home from work in a relitavely good mood. Because she had to go to work, I had aquired the aid of my friend Ryan to help me lift all of our crap (80% of it is hers). When I was talking to her this evening before she went to bed, I asked her what she thought about taking Ryan out to dinner to thank him this Sunday. To which she responded, “Oh, about that… I’m going to a concert on Sunday with a friend.”

Perhaps you guys should have worked out a system of sharing the work BEFORE moving in together? Oh and you also mention the fact that she was at work that day, but you obviously weren’t. Give her a break and just do the god damned moving. If you’re so pissed about it, maybe you should stop being so passive aggressive and doing all the work for her, then get angry about it after all is said and done and take it out on your “bitch” girlfriend.

So here I am, a house full of boxes, almost no help moving from her, and shes going out to some fucking concert the next night and didnt even think about, nor talk to me about any possible assistance I might need from her.

See above. I’ll bet you twenty dollars you never even asked her that you expected her to help out. You just held it inside and instead vented to a bunch of nerds on an RPG web forum. Here’s an idea: TALK TO YOUR GIRLFRIEND ABOUT SHARING RESPONSIBILITIES. SHE CANNOT READ YOUR MIND.

Needless to say, after about 7 hours of heavy lifting and near heat exaustion from moving two appartments into one, I was very put off to hear this news.

Do you ever stop bitching? Hire some goddamned movers next time. Or get a job so you aren’t stuck at home doing all the moving while your girlfriend is working.

Instead of somthing along the lines of acknowledging that I needed help with the house, she gets mad at me for asking her to stay home.

If I had just moved in with you and you were acting all bitchy for seemingly no reason and telling me to stay home after working all day when I want to go out and have fun, I’d probably be getting pissed too. Stop being such a control freak.

All of a sudden, I am the immature one. She even admits that she wasnt going to mention it to be because she knew I’d be upset. OF-FUCKING-COURSE I’d be upset, I did all this by myself and now I’m going to have to finish it alone!

Sounds to me like she was perfectly justified in witholding this information from you. You obviously can’t deal with reality and get pissed any time she tries to bring up an issue with you, so can you blame her for acting this way?

She soundly sleeps now, knowing that she’ll be going to a concert after work on Sunday with some girl who I’ve never met, leaving me home with the mess. She knows that I’ll continue to be good to her no matter what shit she slops in my face and that I am a glutton for punishment.

Well at least you can admit you’ve got a problem. You’re girlfriend wants to go out and have fun. Boo fucking hoo. Maybe you should go out with your friend Ryan that night instead of sitting home and sulking. God.

Honestly, I just wish she’d open her eyes and be nice to me for once, for more than a few hours. I can’t treat someone good forever if they just keep slapping me in the face no matter what I do.

You are way too fucking immature to be moving in with another person, let alone holding ANY kind of relationship with a normal human being. This can only end in disaster and I can’t wait til your suicide thread at the end of all of this.

I miss the nice girlfriend I fell in love with a few months ago. :thinking:

There really is nothing quite like true love. No wonder your girlfriend is hanging out with her ex. She obviously needs a man in her life. You protect her? Give me a break. Her stories of him abusing her and making her scared? Yeah, those are code words for: you’re a fucking pussy and I just realized that this other guy turns me on a lot more. Long talk? Apology? She just doesn’t know how to break up with your sorry ass and she’s delaying it as long as possible because she’s just as much of a pussy inside as you are. Shit, maybe you are made for each other after all. Then again, I think you’d have better luck with Ryan. I hear he’s looking for a little bitch to use like his own personal diarrhea bag.

That was cute, you just reminded me why the internet is a pathetic place to discuss things and expect people to understand or have any clue as to what is actually going on.

Its my fault though, having worded all of this the way I did just gave you ammo for your pessimistic little rant.

Actually, I hate to say it, but Zepp said pretty much the exact same thing I did, only he was a lot more forward. I try to practice restraint since I’m an authority figure here.

Anyways, the truth of the matter is that Zepp is absolutely right; you need to step up already and start acting differently if you wanna salvage your relationship, cos whether you think so or not, I’m sure there is a problem here, and most of what you’re seeing from her, if not all of what you’re seeing for her, is a reaction to that problem. If you really love her like you say you do, fix it.

Way to totally ignore all valid points he made before that

EDIT: excessive fist- shaking at SG for posting quicker than me

Theres always the right hand.

Shit…that works fine for me.

edit. I just changed my avatar in hopes that Jose Lima ends the Royals’ dismal 18 game skid…and I think “Lima Time” is hilarious. Though I’m a Reds fan, and sadly, they’re not a whole lot better. But…it’s after the All-star break and Griffey isn’t hurt yet knocks on wood. I know this has nothing to do with the subject at hand, but shit, not too many people here talk sports.

Is there a reason you’re being so aggressive, Zep? Why are you repeating that which I was banned for 3 months?

Also, I don’t think you should go around judging people based soley on a bad day, Zep. You yourself have made a post about how terrible a person you are with regard to relationships.

Lemme tell you something. It’s not always the pretty ones that are crazy.

Oh shit if she reads this I’m dead.