Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

Okay, maybe just SG and I will care, but here’s my brief review:

First, the ports are arcade perfect. Not only that, but it allows you to <I><B>select which revision of a game you want to play</B></I>. Only care to play the original SFA2, with glitches intact? Okay. Rather play the final release, with bugs corrected? That’s cool too. Second, the game has a helluva lot of unlockables, including a new “Hyper Street Fighter Alpha” mode, similar to “Hyper Street Fighter II” in the sense that it allows you to pit SFA1-Ryu vs. SFA3-Charlie, or SFA2G-Cammy vs. SFA3U-Akuma. The most impressive feature: <B><I>you can install the game to your PS2 hard drive to allow for faster loading times</I></B>. I haven’t seen Capcom fighters play this quickly since the 4MB Saturn RAM cart.

For those unaware, the game houses 5 immediately playable games (Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Super Gem Fighter Mini-Mix, aka Pocket Fighter) and 2 hidden games (Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper and Hyper Street Fighter Alpha). As of now, the game is only available for the PS2, and with recent lackluster Xbox support, I don’t expect to see it for any other consoles. That doesn’t matter to me too much, since the fact that I can install it to my HDD already makes it a worthwhile purchase.

I don’t know if anyone will reply to this, I just wanted to state that it’s totally worth buying.

Overall, a very excellent game.

Something that Saturn didn’t mention though, about Hyper Street Fighter Alpha: SECRET -isms. There are now four new -Isms (fighting styles; think Grooves from CvS2), including Darkstalkers -Ism, Street Fighter 3 -Ism, SF2ChampionEdition -Ism, and Marvel -Ism. These breathe completely new life into the game.

Anyways There’s only a few gripes I have, starting with the most important to the least:

  1. You can’t turn Counter Hit on in Training Mode. This is especially important in Street Fighter Alpha 3, because there are a LOT of Counter Hit-Only combos.

  2. Not every revision of Alpha 3 exists. Since you can mess with the arcade dipswitches manually, though, this isn’t a huge problem (especially since there’s already a fair amount of documented info on them)

  3. No 3-Player Dramatic Battle, a la the Dreamcast Version. Come on, now; no one even PLAYS Alpha 3 Upper! At least add a 3-Player Dramatic Battle! I guess it doesn’t matter TOO much since I have a Dreamcast…but fuck, 360’s are very hard to do on a DC Pad…

  4. This is just straight-up wishful thinking, but it woulda been pretty cool if the characters that were only in the handheld versions (Eagle, Maki, Yun, Ingrid) could be played in Hyper SFAlpha. But oh well. Reason 1 is the only REALLY big thing.

Anyways, CRAZY good release. If you’re a casual gamer, you’ll love it. If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’ll love it (first EVER Arcade perfect ports of A2 and A3. Can you say “Major A3 tourney revival”?). Also, get the strategy guide. Very surprisingly well-written, unlike old strategy guides where they’d spend 15 pages on how to do a Hadouken after a Shoryuken as a pro tip.

Go get the fucking game. Now like, now…but like, RIGHT NOW.

I have a question for you, SG: am I crazy, or did the DC version of SFA3 have more characters than the version of SFA3U on this collection? I could have sworn there was more than that… also, do you have a PS2 hard drive? If not, how bad are the load times? Cause they’re non-existant with a hard drive.

Nah, DC Upper had the same amount of people…you might be thinking of Shin Akuma and Shadaloo Bison (the last boss version), but you can pick them in the A3 Upper version on the Anthology, also.

Also, the only real load times without the hard drive are when you load up the games; it takes maybe like five seconds. There also might be an inconsequentially short load time when you select your gameplay mode, but I can’t even remember, so it must be really short if there is one. :stuck_out_tongue: And thank god, too; I remember thinking how annoying it was to turn the “Shortcut” option on in the PSX version, cos if you left the Arcade animations on, it’d take like a million years, lol.

I bought this game last Wednesday. Holy shit, it’s awesome! Definately worth my money. Haven’t played too much of it yet but it seems to have infinite replay value, like most fighters, so I’m sure I’ll be playing it for a long time. I haven’t played the Alpha games before though, so I don’t know a lot of the moves, not to mention the instruction manual doesn’t have any moves listed.

I haven’t played a Street Fighter game in forever (like, since SF2), but reading about this really makes me want this game!

I played this at SG’s last week, it was pretty fun.

I liked the balance it struck between being accessible and requiring enough math to give college credit.