Stream of consciousness

It was a dark and stormy night. The smell of perfume still lingered in the air. He knew she had been there, but he could only guess where she might have slipped off (see time slip technology) to. She has a knack for escaping at the right moment (using her time slip technology). Our main character, Chuck Magnus, born in the early part of the 20th century, grew up on the mine fields of tauron IV, it is the year one million, BC. But we don’t know what a C is, we’re not from earth. Chuck is a space detective. By 20th century, I meant, OUR 20th. Soft jazz plays, he reboards his pod and sets it for home.

later that day

“honey I’m home” he said as he hung up his hat and cut on the rack next to the door. “Oh honey, welcome home, how was work?” his wife said. Barba was, 14 feet tall and hat 10 feet of long curly black hair. she was from Planet Amazon (see using galactic web browser FireSpocks) “honey, it was terrible” responded Chuck “some damn white bitch gave me the slip, honey” “Oh honey, why did she slip away? did she cover herself in oil? honey?” “No honey, she used Time Slip” “Isn’t time slipping against theintergalaxy laws? honey?” “yes honey, that is precicely why i must capture her in a stasis honey pod honey” Chuck realized right as he said this exactly what he had to do “INITATING SLIP JUMP HYPER THING” he exclaimed while he touched his arm pad and quickly vanished in a ball of warm liquid, he had just used his own illegal time slipper. Barbra went back to what she was doing, being a space phone sex operator.


The mans watch beeps, he looks at it. “one o’clock post meridian” he sat this beep at 1 o’clock post meridian, because one o’clock post meridian is sandwich time. “it’s sandwich time” clicks the off button on the remote controller, stands up from the sofa, and walks sixteen steps to the right. he is at the sink, he pulls the nob to turn on the hot water, he applies some dawn, dish washing soap to his right hand, using his left hand to drip the blue liquid on. he rubs it around on his hands, but realizes it’s not lathering up because he did not dampen his hands first, so he puts his left hand under the running water for a moment, just enough to get it wet, and then starts lathering his hands up, he does this for about 20 seconds, then rinses them both off. He then grabs a paper towel for a towel holder with his left hand, and dries them. it is now 1:03 pm, that mistake with the lather took its toll, he will never make that mistake again. he tosses the towel in the waste bin to his right.
he unties the the bread bag, it’s Home Pride brand, he doesn’t care for wonder bread or anything else. cuz he’s always used Home Pride his whole life. He’ll use like sourdough or something else if it’s a special sandwich, this one is not. this is a regular every day sandwich. He reaches into the bag and takes out three pieces of bread, this was one accident, so he puts the extra piece back in, and then puts the end piece on top of that one. He’s not going to eat that end piece unless there is no bread left in the house. He places the two pieces he DID want onto a paper plate that he has prepared earlier that day, it is on the counter. He then walks six steps upward to get to the refridgerator, he takes out the Best Foods brand mayonnaise jar. It feels pretty light, he unscrews the top and looks inside it. There’s some inside, but he does not want to use the left overs, he’s better than that. TO BE CONTINUED!

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LOL! One whole paragraph about washing his hands… if only every story where like this!

I must say; in a strange way… I have become incredibly interested in this series of events. The introduction kind of gave me the impression of the “Cowboy Bebop” anime series. Anyway, one things for sure… I’ll be tuning in for the next exciting installment! :smiley: