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Old classics die hard, but in old games, you die easy. Flash reviews of ancient memories…

Now this I like.:mwahaha:

Ah, memories of old. being wiped out on Alex the Kidd, falling into holes on SMB3… The good ole’ days… ;_;

Thank God for Emulators, hm?

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Thank God for Emulators, hm?

Hell. Yes.:yipee:

And remakes. Remakes are fun

Still gotta cater to dem old-skool gamers.

Rock on. :cool:

As a hardcore oldskool gamer, let me tell you that he is 110% RIGHT about Ghosts and Goblins. ><

I’ve spent more time screaming at Ghosts and Goblins and hitting my nintendo with bricks in a blind rage than actually playing it.

Ugh I recently picked up a used version of Ghouls and Goblins for my GBC. Frickin’ Frustrating is all I have to say.

ugh, I hate flash…

<slowly loading>


:cool: R0XX0RZ!!!:cool:

hrhrr, he sounds like Invader Zim™, only difference is that he swears a lot… :hahaha; :mwahaha: :hahaha;

Originally posted by StarStorm
Thank God for Emulators