STRANGE Yahoo! experience.

I just went to Yahoo! a little bit a ago and I got a white screen saying “do you Yahoo!?” Then I refreshed and it loaded normally. Any clue as ot why I would get that? The page I went from was the offcial Marine Corps website.

They display that if the page times out when loading because your connection is to slow…but i wonder why you saw it.

Maybe someone honestly wanted to know if you yahoo-ed…>.>

Advertisement…I hate the full screen ads >.<

Originally posted by Trillian
Advertisement…I hate the full screen ads >.<

I don’t think it was an advertisement since it had no links and it wasn’t a full screent hink, it was just the normal page load. Ah well.

Why would they advertise their own site on their own site?

It happens all the time. I blame bad management.
I was probably the online version of a telephone queue, at least you didn’t get the cheesy music.

I think I would prefer the cheesy music…