Strange issue with Planescape: Torment

As some of you may know, I recently acquired a copy of Planescape: Torment, and have been enjoying it very much. But earlier today, I encountered a most peculiar problem.

When I booted the game up this morning, all of a sudden I discovered that, after a short period of time, I couldn’t scroll the screen using my mouse. The problem corrected itself when I entered a menu and went back, it fixed itself…only to un-fix itself later. At first I thought it was whenever I entered a new room, but then I discovered that just waiting around for about ten seconds would work just as well at causing it to start up again. I can still move my guys around, and I can still scroll using the keyboard, but when I move my mouse to the edge of the screen, the cursor doesn’t turn into an arrow. It just stays a pointer.

I’ve never heard of any problem like this. I checked the option menu, but nothing jumped out as a possible fix. And this wasn’t happening yesterday, of that I’m certain. Does anyone have an inkling as what the problem may be, and how to fix it?

I don’t currently have the fix patch installed, but, that said, I really hope that the answer isn’t “install the fix patch”, because I really don’t want to have to re-start my game file.

I heard it happening before, but in very isolated cases and it has never been identified as a problem in the game itself, so it could be anything from mouse problems, drivers, bad compatibility… It’s not native to the game and not that common, so it’d be very hard to find a fix. Get used to using the keyboard for screen scrolling. The fixpack would do absolutely nothing for that.

That said… you really should have installed the Fixpack for a whole lot of other reasons.

I wasn’t aware it existed until I was well into the game, sadly.

I can’t imagine it’s driver or compatibility issues, since, like I said, I wasn’t having these problems yesterday and I haven’t changed anything since.

I’ll probably end up doing another playthrough eventually. If I end up doing it earlier than intended…well, there will be much profanity. But I’ll suck it up eventually.

Go here:

Qwinn and Scient are the only programmers still (very) actively working with PS:T, so they’re the only ones still active with knowledge of how the game works. It can’t hurt to ask there.

Thanks for the link.

Pardon my double-post. But another day has passed, and the problem seems to have…corrected itself?

This is seriously weird. It would still be nice to know what caused it in the first place, but unless it pops up again, I won’t be complaining much.