Strange Gamecube error...

I just got a used copy of Eternal Darkness for the Gamecube. Occasionaly, the game will lock up and I’ll get a strange “error message” that tells me to turn the power OFF and consult my gamecube manual. It happened severak times duting the intro, and a lot less frequently during actual gameplay.

I no longer have said manual, so can anyone tell me what causes this, and how to fix it?

Are you sure it’s not the insanity effect that does something like that? If it’s not that then the disc is likely damaged and you should return it.

That was probably an insanity effect, which happens a lot in that game. Don’t really turn off your Gamecube.

Unless it was like a disc read error or something. Is the disc scratched, or does this happen with any other games?

It’s not an insanity effect. I’ve waited it out, and it’s happened in the middle of cutscenes. Besides, I’m pretty sure my sanity was moderately full at the time.

It hasn’t happened with any other games, but the disk is a little scratched. I just got it two days ago, I’ll see if I can get it replaced.

It’s not a Sanity effect. I’ve gotten it too, on several occasions, typically during FMVs (though once or twice during gameplay). I thought it was my disc, so I sent it to Nintendo for replacement (contact them, they’ll be happy to do so, the number is on the back of your Gamecube). I continued to get the errors (but this was a year later, so I assumed that maybe my disc had gotten messed up again, so I got it replaced again. At this point, naturally, I assumed it was my Gamecube. Thus, I used my roommate’s Gamecube. Same error. I went to EB and replaced my Gamecube under my warranty. Same damn error. This never happened the first 3 times I finished the game, but EVERY TIME that I replay it, I get this problem, often several times per game session, and since it’s completely unexpected, there’s no chance to save.

And I’m certain it’s not a sanity effect, cause I sat there and waited on that screen for 20 minutes one time and nothing happened.

Thank you SO MUCH for confirming that I myself am not insane. I was really worried that I was going crazy. I’m absolutely certain now that this is a real flaw in the game, or perhaps an incompatability with later model Gamecubes…

Or maybe an incompatability with larger GCN Memory Cards? When I originally played the game, I used a Memory Card 59, when I replayed it, I used a 251, and recently I tried it with a 1019. If it’s not that, maybe it’s an incompatability with Wavebirds? Or the Broadband adapter? Do you use any of these accessories, Crono? Cause I’m DEFINITELY calling Nintendo back on this now that someone else is having this problem… >_<

Of course!


Mr. Saturn and GG Crono are both insane from playing Eternal Darkness! It’s the only logical explanation.

Don’t joke, Hiryuu, I’ve considered it… :confused:

I’ve contacted Nintendo about this again (via e-mail this time, with a link to this thread). Hopefully, they can uncover the mystery here. ED was one of my favorite GCN games, and I’ll be damned if I can’t play it again.

I have a third-party memory card, I think it’s 4x normal size. I don’t have a wavebird or any of those special parts, and my gamecube is a couple years old.

Like I said, I got the error a couple times the first time I booted up, during the intro cutscene. I cleaned my disk and my Gamecube, and after another try or two, it worked. It’s happened a couple times during gameplay, though with a lot less frequency.

It’s made me quite paranoid anyway. I’ve been saving about every ten minutes on average. :stuck_out_tongue:

Off-topic, but a third party memory card? Ouch… You better pray that your saves don’t all just spontaneously disappear some day.

Nintendo will obviously blame the 3rd party memory card… >_>

Though maybe the 4x part of that memory card is the important part. Maybe the 251 block memory cards have a problem with ED…

[edit] Eternal Darkness, not Erectile Dysfunction, you perverts. I sincerely doubt that a Memory Card 251 was Erectile Dysfunction… -_-

My bad, my card is a Nintendo one. And it is a 251. I could have sworn it was third-party…

Here’s what I sent to Nintendo…

Here’s what they sent back…

This is almost exactly what they said last time I had an issue with the game, so they’re likely up for replacing it again. I’ll try to give them a call when I get a chance, see if they have another option lined up.

Tell them to send RPGC some free games so we can have some more contests.

I remember that WA3 contest…if only I could’ve came up with something I would’ve won it!

Anyway, hope it gets fixed.