Stop that! It's silly!

It has come to my attention that this comic has been getting increasingly silly as of late. This will not do! Our entertainment standards have yet to sink that low! And furthermore-

is crushed by a sudden falling piano, which is in turn crushed by a slightly larger piano

…right then…carry on…

dances /:D/ :D\ /:D/ :D\ /:D/ :D\

Spoons… you scare me sometimes… I just had to check this before going to bed… now I’m gonna have nightmares…

You Spoony Bard!

This brings up a very interesting question…

Where was X in this whole dancing fiasco?

Is he a horrible dancer?

Did he blast the concept away for being lame?

Was he the one filming this madness?

Or did spoony just forget about him?

I’m just bad at drawing MMX style characters (bad in general I guess, but those in particular). Zero and Macc got added because they’re, well, Zero and Macc.

I had drawn a template for G, but it looked so god awful, that’s one big reason he didn’t show up.

I look sweet.