Still watching Jeopardy?

I don’t know if you remember <A HREF=“”>Xelo’s post from back on the 17th of June</A>, but that guy is still winning. He’s on his 25th straight win, and is up to $788,960. I’m curious if they’ll even let him come back for the Tournament of Champions. He could very easily break $1 million in 7 more wins, if he stays at his current pace.

(though, technically, as of the July 7th broadcast, he’s on his 26th straight win at $828,960, meaning that he’d only need 6 more victories for $1 million, but that hasn’t aired in all markets yet…)

I’d never watched jeopardy until xelo’s post, and since then i have been watching it every night. This guy is fucking amazing. He dominates the board, clearing rows in seconds.

He’s so awesome.

My uncle thinks it’s just a ratings scam.

I don’t even know how Jeopardy is played, but GODDAMN that’s a lotta money. >_<

It’s more or less a simple question-and-answer trivia game. (Or answer-and-question, if you prefer.)

Sony’s not stupid enough to risk the bad publicity. If anything, they’d be trying to stop him, so as to prevent people being afraid to audition for the show.

BTW, 28 shows now, $920,960. If you’re curious as to how to play Jeopardy, or to play it from home, check <A HREF=“”></A>.

That is a shit load of money. Pity there’s no real general knowledge equivalent in the UK (except millionaire) as that’d be quite a spectacle…

BTW, has there been any press in the US for the “Grand Slam 64” series (incidentally, the champion of the UK version is a friend of mine ;-p ) yet? It’d be interesting to see how well he does on there, more so if they keep in the words & letters, numbers rounds that tripped up so many great quizzers in our version.

At least he can now afford the entry fee X-D

I can’t believe he didn’t bother to wager one more dollar yesterday to break the one day record. He’s either really cheap or way to cautious.

I think maybe, under the pressure, he was thinking about hitting the number rather than beating it. Probably just a mental math error, cause by pressure.

Well, he doesn’t seem very pressured to me. I mean he gets cocky with some of his answers.

EDIT: He did it again today. He slaughtered his opponents and then didn’t bother to wager $1 more to beat the recrord. Chicken.