Sticky residue

As I was walking around without any pants, admiring newly purchased videogames, I had a little accident. Long story short, there’s all sorts of sticky stuff over my PS2 Growlanser Generations case now, due to removing the factory seal. I’m kinda worried about damaging the case, so I was wondering what the best way to remove this shit would be?

Get a new empty DVD case?

Citric acid.
Get an orange or something, squeeze the juice into a small bit of cloth, and rub it on there.

Yeah, I tried that. It didn’t seem to have any effect.

We have this goo gone stuff with mostly citric acid in it, thought that would work :frowning:

Did you try using a blow dryer?

slowly blinks for a few moments

You mentioned “walking around without any pants”, “little accident” and “all sorts of sticky stuff over my PS2 Growlanser Generations case now” just to get answers, RIGHT?

As for the citric acid, that may work if you keep at it a bit more. Otherwise, the hair dryer could be a good idea too, if the goo dries you should be able to peel it off.

I’ve had this problem before. Rub as much of it off as you can with your thumb, then clean it with rubbing alcohol. That worked for me.

What Mabat said. Whip the cover out, stick it in the new one, hey presto, problem solved.

…And incidentally, it’s nice to have a thread with a double entendre like this rather than simply “I’m hammering my girlfriend day and night but I’m all emo and I don’t know if she really loves me and wah wah wah etc.” Here’s to a refreshing change. :slight_smile:

For me, lighter fluid works fine. I know it sounds a bit wierd, but it works. I bought a preowned copy of Jade Cocoon a while back, and it had a label on the disc, and the guy who sold it to me removed it with ease with lighter fluid. I was kind of scared that if I played it, my PS2 would explode; but it didn’t.

Lol, I remember having the exact same problem with my Growlanser Generations case. Someone fixed it for me, though; I don’t remember who or how.

If you’re talking about the outer-box that Growlanser came with, then I wouldn’t try the rubbing alcohol or acetone or anything like that, because that could damage or discolor the box. I’d hunt down some Goo Gone that’s how I handle issues like these.

If it’s just the case, carefully use acetone - I’ve had to remove a lot of labels and sticker residues at work, and acetone’s standard for that. If it’s the box, I’d listen to Sat (I feel like I say this a lot here, ha ha).

I just ended up getting some sticker remover, which pretty much instantly cleaned everything off, so yeah <_<