Steve gave me hentai links a few days ago, which was okay. I pm’d a few days later

11<1009KaiserBasara11> 09That one site didn’t take my registration
11<1009KaiserBasara11> 09Hey

In the channel he said

11<1009Steve11> 09no PMs, basara
11<1009Steve11> 09i won’t reply

11<1009Steve11> 09k, what was the site URL again, basara?

He tricked me into getting banned

So what? PMs are PMs. We don’t do anything about PMs. And you posted a porn site. It’s 24 hours.

You didn’t read my whole message

Y’know, a site I sent you wasn’t porn. I was asking for that one, because signing up for that one also allowed you access to those you wished to get into. One of those package dealies.

First off, I posted then you editted it three minutes later. Secondly, looking at it in the chat, they are two separate conversations altogether from what I can tell.

Besides, you should read the rules. Looking at the whole log, I don’t think Steve tricked you, but you DID post a porn link. You can wait a day.

Euphoric Visions and vgbabes are hentai sites, and I I’m wondering if they’re going to spam attack me. I got the free key and they aren’t even that great

11<1009Steve11> 09no PMs, basara
11<1009Steve11> 09i won’t reply
11<10@09The_98411> 09Wild, trimmed, or mown?
09* 10¯11¯ 1009Nero feels loved now
11<1009KaiserBasara11> 09Why did you give me hentais
11<1009Nero11> 09KAISER SHUT UP
11<1009Steve11> 09LOL
11<1009YP11> 09LOL
11<1009KaiserBasara11> 09Euphoric visions didn’t give me hentais
11<1009devillion11> 09is going on
11<10@09The_98411> 09Basara is being weird
11<1009KaiserBasara11> 09He wnt get my pms so i’m gonna type here
11<1009YP11> 09god, I’m laughing so hard right now
11<1009devillion11> 09someone cliffs please
11<1009devillion11> 09ok
11<1009Jenna11> 09[21:59] The_984 Nicely trimmed bush| I skipped right over that…
11<1009Jenna11> 09how would I miss that?
11<10@09The_98411> 09I dunno
11<1009Steve11> 09k, what was the site URL again, basara?
11<10@09The_98411> 09But I bet you’re untamed
11<1009Jenna11> 09could*
11<1009Jenna11> 09Do wha?
11<1009YP11> 09this conversation, with Liberi Fatali playing on Winamp.
11<1009YP11> 09great combo.
11<1009Steve11> 09LOL
11<1009Steve11> 09YP, send me that song.
11<1009Steve11> 09now.
11<1009YP11> 09’kay

Then I posted the site

NoNameScript’s logs suck

Holy shit I hate your retarded ass script formatting.

What script are you using?

Hey what’s that show? It doesn’t look like anime

My Little Pony Raw

Something very, very evil. (But it also has catgirls, so it’s chaotic good >_>;)

I can’t find my little pony raw on google

I love catgirls

Use Google better.

If I ever get banned, I’m totally going to make a thread saying that I was dumb enough to do what I did because someone totally made me do it.

If that makes sense.

Steve for the win?

wordsworth sucks ok

I use No Name Script and my shit doesnt look like that. You suck.

At life.

His problem is that he held down Control while he highlights his stuff. mIRC copies color encoding when you do so.


I’m using blink.mts theme

NO way in heck i’m giving up my theme for an ugly white backgroiudn with black text

You realize you can manually edit colours and background pictures and stuff, right?

I shouldn’t mess around with the settings