Steve Jobs is Dead

RIP the most influential person of our time.


Its a big god damn loss for society and the computer industry.

Billionaire dies, America cries

Did you hear he had to shut down? He couldn’t get rid of the bug he had in his system.

I never liked Macs growing up, but reading this made me admire what Steve Jobs stood for. And get an iPad.

I can’t think of an entrepreneur in recent times who has reshaped our daily life so thoroughly: the first great home computer, mp3 player, smartphone and tablet. R.I.P.

Now who is Apple going to run to when they need someone to bail them out again?

That said, this is sad news. RIP Jobs.

I second that! A matter of fact, even today I don’t like MAC’s or apple products in general. However, as you mentioned… he (as an individual) had a significant impact in the progression of technology and the world itself! I have so much respect for everything he created and his sheer brilliance!

RIP Steve! May his legacy live on for generations to come! :slight_smile:


Do you think he could have been as successful if he had gone by his biological name, Steve Jandali, son of MUSLIM Abdulfattah John Jandali?

He’d probably be in Guantanamo now instead. Or maybe owner of an apple-themed donut store instead.

Rest in Peace Mr. Jobs. You were most excellent at saying ‘boom’ a lot and making boring things seem exciting.

Holy shit.

I guess money doesn’t cure aids after all.

His company markets overpriced geek chic technology, and many of their inventions were mostly just slight alterations of existing technology to go along with the lifestyle being sold. At least over the last decade or so. It’s a shame he died, but that’s true for anyone. I just think that the way some people eulogize him as a Modern Day Edison is wrong, especially when they only highlight the various iTechnology of the 2000s.

Yeah, really, it’s whoever does the marketing to convince people that Apple’s cheaper, more durable competition is The Man/Evil Empire/etc. while the more expensive, less reliable Apple products are for the hip kid who’s not a part of The System is the guy who should get all the credit.

For my money, he was a great populariser and there was value in that no matter if I agreed with his walled-garden approach or with the quality of some of his offerings (I didn’t). He deserves full credits for Pixar though.

Weilla, can you find us some fanfiction where like Doctor Who saves Steve Jobs from dying and then makes love to him?

What did he do again? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with you helios. I was never a Mac fan either (unless you mean Mac Maveric :slight_smile: readies lemon spray. Quite frankly I really could not stand him. When I saw him do some sort of presentation he just came off as so arrogant that it just really turned me off.

My cell phone contract is ending in a couple of weeks and I’m going with whatever plan does not get me an iPhone. Still his accomplishments are admirable. RIP Steve.

Personally I think Macs are overpriced toys, but a friend of mine swears by them for their robust security.


I want nicer pants. Goodbye, cruel world.