Steve (jenna) with an afro looks like Bam Margera.


How do we know he isn’t Bam Margera?

No TV show, no money, no mad skateboarding skills, doesnt know Tony Hawk or any of the other skateboarding legends, he doesnt have the balls to do the stuff that was done on Jackass…I could probably keep going if you want but I’m bored of talking about him now.

Maybe he hasn’t bothered to tell us?

Steve = Jenna = Bam?



Bam’s girlfriend is named Jen.


As in Jennifer :stuck_out_tongue:


Why do you make me beat the hell out of you demi? Why? I dont wanna hurt you, but now you made me.

dt’s too fat for the army so he follows them around giving pleasurable happy fun time hour.

Edit: also, I don’t think I look like bam, but okay.

Chupon? :chupon: :chupon: :chupon: :chupon:

Lets say Steve here is odor.

Watch what happens when he hits the Power Stripe!

I dunno, I still think Steve looks more like Andre the Giant with that fro…and speaking of fros, why hasn’t Mazrim posted in a while?

Yes, I know.


Am I the only person who would like to see someone beat the shit out of Bam Margera?

Why? If I were filthy rich I’d do a bunch of stupid shit with my money too.

No. I would love to see that too.

Would you build a moon kingdom?

Watch your language.

Wait… What?!

Edit: Fucking 4chan.