Steam Wishlist App

Every time there’s a sale, I wanna see what my friends have on their steam wishlist to see if there’s anything worth gifting them. I assumed other people wanted to be able to do that as well, so I made a web app that does it using public profile data. Unfortunately, Steam APIs won’t pull data that can’t be viewed publicly, so private profiles won’t get any data :confused:

What this does that Steam doesn’t:

[li]Shows a compiled list of all games on your and your friends’ wishlists
[/li][li]Makes the wishlist for everyone sortable
[/li][li]Shows prices
[/li][li]Shows how high a game is on the wishlist of each friend that wants it

Link here:

If for some reason that fucks up, try this one:

I wanted to get it released sooner than a day or two before Christmas, but life.

At least its just in time for Steam’s Winter Sale.

Yeah, there’s that. And lol, now steam is down.