Stealing: Diamond Weapon

What can you steal from Diamond weapon, as its not listed in the FFVII shrine?

A Rising Sun. 2x AP growth rate weapon for Yuffie. I think it had 4 slots, with links?

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RPGC is great!
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I’d appreciate it if you not use Calvin and Hobbes poetry to give links to our competitors. >-)

…Although the FF7 shrine does need major restructuring. -_- Anyway, in the future, please link to the RPGC Alexandria database if a page exists.

Sometimes I forget that RPGC is a gaming site, silly me. I didn’t even know that database was called Alexandria…


cuz i love them, and would have reconixzed it, but not immieaditaly.

PJ, in this particular case, unfortunately there isn’t much you can do - the RPGC page is indeed insufficient. It’s a unique case, though, because nowadays a shrine is considered to be the “end-all and be-all” of information about a game, whereas the FF7 shrine was completed way before that policy took hold. So the FF7 shrine needs a lot of work and doesn’t have a bunch of needed information. In this case you’d really need to link to GameFAQs. -_- I’d just rather you not sing its praises, that’s all. 8p

Hehe, fair enough. I do enjoy singing praises though, especially in Calvin and Hobbes style.

And just to confirm, you do steal the Rising Sun weapon from Diamond Weapon and that is the ONLY time you can get it.

The Rising Sun is a long range weapon for Yuffie. It has an attack power of 68, and an attack percentage of 108. It has 4 materia slots (two connected pairs), and double materia growth. I think it also boosts your magic power, but I’m not sure…

And since I edited it out of my above post, you can find a stealing guide somewhere at GameFaqs, although I heartily suggest reading through the FF7 Shrine at RPGC for any of your other Final Fantasy 7 needs.

Originally posted by Cidolfas
…Although the FF7 shrine does need major restructuring. -_-

Yeah, but it’s better than what it was before Sin and Cless took over. Before they fixed it, the grammar on certain pages made my head hurt. O_o