Starcraft on ESPN

Well, maybe not Korean Starcraft, but ESPN (at least its website) will now be covering professional gaming. Quite, uh, weird. And totally not what ESPN is about. I just hope they show it on the Ocho.


It’ll be dead within a month!

Just like that other league who’s name escapes me at the moment.

Are you thinking of the XFL?

No. It was more like the Ultimate Gaming League or something. They canceled it mid season and a lot of would be champs got left in the cold.

Good guess though.

ESPN is also sponsering a professional eating league, the slang name escapes me.


All this constant talk about e-sports everywhere is making me actually consider it

The Ocho exists? I thought it was only a joke station in the movie Dodgeball.

Seeing high level Korean Starcraft games has given me this insight:

The Korean God is identified with a computer program that is the best Starcraft player.

What is the White Man’s God?

Maybe the one that is best at getting others to worship him, the businessman’s god!

Insight? Come on, you can do way fucking better than that. Insight, not easy jabs.

I agree

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I agree

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Don’t post anything like that again, Zemos.

Its not a jab. What else would the God of Starcraft be the God of?

Eh, only valid if “the Korean God”=“the God of SC”. Btw it seems Korea has a shamanic tradition; that could make for an interesting read sometime.