Starcraft 2? o.O;

Yes, its a mod for C&C: Generals.
But just look at it… it look so sweet
Make me wish Blizzard would start making SC2 already :X

I really wish I hadb’t sold Generals now…

SCV reporting for duty

I don’t really know about them making sc 2, any more units could make the game too complex.

It appears to be a well done mod - too bad I never really got into RTS heh

oh wowie… looks very interesting
really have to upgrade my pc sometime

It looks cool. But it’s still just a C&C (which was sub-par) mod.

I’ll be impressed when blizzard starts making the REAL SC2, provided it’s not ugly as hell like WC3. (Units made of 3 polygons each + jaggies + horrible animation = BAD. The only thing it got right was the scenery, which would’ve been a trillion times better had it been pre-rendered like SC’s anyways.)

Ohhh, looks pretty cool, I’ll have to download this after I’m finished with MX4. Ever since I got my new graphics card, Generals has been running like a dream.


Sweet! And i have CCGenerals too!

Its about damn time we get a Starcraft 2 how long have we been waiting 6 years?

Instead of making bloody Star Craft Ghost, they could be making Star Craft 2. Bogans!