with much rejoiceing.

i just went and got it. anyone else got it? whats ure opinions on it?

Havent got it yet, but I hear that they put Christen Haydenson (sp?) in the ending of ROTJ as Vader’s ghost. This true?

that was a spoof
some one like month started that runor, after a guy cliped in a photo of him in that scene to

its not true

So you’ve seen this for yourself, then? (please say yes truthfully…)

They wouldn’t put Haydenson into it. He’s 20 some odd years older then what he is when Episode III ends so sticking him in there would make no sense. Seeing as I already own the movies on VHS I’m not gonna buy the DVDs since it’s redundant.

Yeah, I’ve also got the original trilogy on VHS so it would be pointless. Besides, seeing the trilogy on that gold colored case it came with makes me feel so nostalgic. :smiley:

Don’t forget Star Wars: Battlefront. Both are excellent. Battlefront is pretty much like Battlefield.

I don’t think I’ll get this 1. because my family already has the trilogy on video and 2. I don’t think the movies are all that great.

My dad got it. I like the extras DVD. Skywalker was originally a midget, and Solo was a green alien.

Both of you are wrong, he is in it.

And the changes in each.

Yup, that pic was in the newspaper, and newspapers don’t lie!

In any case, I don’t buy movies. But my dad will no doubt get this one, the fanboy.

The GOOD starwars movies have finally come to us on DVD. With extras and crisp “non-suck shit VHS” quality. I WILL get this. Bout goddamn time lucas got his finger out of his butt and gave us somthing worth buying again.

The funny thing was I went to Suncoast about three months ago and asked the manager if they were ever going to release the last three movies on DVD, and he told me no, Lucas is going to wait until they’re all out to put them on DVD. Why must Suncoast employees lie to me?!

Guys im telling you, that is a spoof. he is not really in there. ive seen it with my own eyes.

LIES!!! LIES!!! I JUST SAW IT NOW! That bastard is in there!

Purchased them yesterday. Finished watching them all again. Man, I love it. I love the little improvements.

Also, luke skywalker (the one from the boards :P) is an idiot. I don’t know what Movie he’s been watching. :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard if you play the dvd’s in a modded XBOX, it overwrites your modchip and EVOX dashboard, and wipes the hard drive and installs the original dashboard back on. All without prompting the user of any changes.

Question: Why can’t Lucas leave the goddamn trilogy alone? Little touch-ups are fine, but completely redoing scenes and changing dialogue just so you can say “Han shot first” is ridiculous.

That being said, I won’t touch this boxset with a twenty-foot pole. I already have the trilogy on VHS anyway.

I’m conflicted. I think it’d be a great DVD set to collect, but then again I rarely if ever buy DVDs. I guess I can’t see the same movie over and over again for a long time. Then again, it is Star Wars…so I think I might buy it sooner or later.

I’ve heard, if you watch it backwards, it looks like a complete recreation of the American civil war.