Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: Sith Lords Concept Art.

Ooooh, and, indeed, Ahhhhh. I loved KoTOR. Here’s hoping the developers keep up the same standard for the second iteration.

Yeah, However Bioware isn’t making this one.
Many Ex-Members of Black Isle Studio (the same members who worked on Fallout 1 and 2) created their own company (called Obsidian Entertainment) and are working on KotOR 2, since Bioware is busy with Jade Empire.

I’m very eager to see this sequel, and I hope it’ll be worthy of its predecessor. I’m also hoping the maximum level limit will be raised, and that the reputed prestige classes will be available, along with lots of other new stuff that will make this game a roleplaying legend. ^^

I hope they don’t destroy all the cool characters in this just to make room for more.

What cool characters? :stuck_out_tongue:


Canderous > Carth. >:P

That’s making a statement, Pierson.

HK-47, bitches.

Agreed. :stuck_out_tongue:

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!11111!! HK-47 is where its at, along with Canderous.

HK is a billion times better than C-3PO, for starters, and he’s one of the funniest characters in KOTOR.

People actually like Canderous?

For evil he’s pretty good. :stuck_out_tongue: Like, the only other person besides HK to be it.

Indeed. Personally, I think his war stories are interesting, and his bickering with Bastila is rather amusing.

HK-47 and Jolee were both wicked funny:P

Jolee: “Just think of me as your average non-jedi party member. With a lightsaber. And the force.”

He actually said that. What’d I miss?

Yeah Jolee was really good. My friend has played KoTOR for over three hundred hours. Really sad.
P.S. Yes he had beaten the game several times already.

I bought it recently, and I have all the characters. Yes, HK is the bestest ever. “Would you like me to kill something for you, master?” Carth pissed me off too much with his distrust BS, Bastila was annoying as hell, Canderous is cool, Jolee is okay, Juhani needs to die, zaalbar is awesome b/c wookies rule, and mission is okay, and the other robot is hella cool (if the main character could translate the beeps, it would be hella cool to hear it speak). Yeah, run-ons rule.