Star Wars Joke

look at this and tell me if it doesnt make perfect sense.

The joke is YOU!

Why does everbody hate Han’s shooting first so much?

(I havent actually seen the revised version, only the revised RotJ, and from what I saw of the ‘bonus footage’ I can’t blame people for hating the new stuff, but this doesnt sound that bad)

I like the “binksblaster” sign in the background. :slight_smile:

It’s probably been changed because of the shooting-without-provocation-OMG-ev0l thing. In this new ultra-PC age it HAS to be a bad influence somehow, right?. And Star Wars nerds are protesting because… well… they’re Star Wars nerds. Who else is going to?

I don’t get it.
Maybe because I haven’t seen Star Wars?

Nulani, you’re probably better off not seeing it ever.

They cut out Luke and Lila’s kiss too, but no one really complained about that

Well, except southerners