Star Wars Galaxies: My review

People have been talking about this game for some time, so I’m going to give you all my opinion:

This is arguably the worst MMORPG I’ve ever played.

I booted it up, hoping it would be as great as they boasted, but sadly, my hopes were dashed upon the jagged rocks of reality when I saw how crappy the game engine is. I hoped it would be at least playable, but soon, I ran into a big batch of problems.

For starters, the graphics. The cities and details on the characters are actually pretty good, but the terrain is horrible. Things like trees and shrubs look like giant green blobs until you get within three feet of them, after which they promptly turn into trees again. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the ground does the same thing.

The battle system and how you get around is the worst part of this game. When you walk, you move so slowly that pressing F5 for a running burst becomes a necessity after a while. When you’re in combat, things aren’t too much better. On my profile as a pistoleer, I discovered that if you shoot at an enemy from less than a foot away, you miss it 50% of the time. Back up a bit, and this percentage goes up to missing 80% of the time. No, I’m not exaggerating, either. This should give you a good idea that there was either a budget cut in LucasArts or a serious laziness on the game developers’ part in SWG.

The sound was probably the only decent aspect about SWG. They use a lot of familiar themes and it brings back nostalgia of the original Star Wars movies, but what I found rather odd is that this is supposed to take place during the Empire’s reign, and they use music from Episode I.

Overall, unless you have a lot of patience, fifty bucks, and nothing better to do, do not get this game.

The poor graphics are probably due to your computer, not to the programming. Star Wars Galaxies is actually a very nice looking MMORPG… provided you have a nice computer to play it with.

And I’m sure the miss percentages are at their current levels for play balance. I couldn’t really tell you unless I got a chance to play it for a while though.

The biggest problem Galaxies has, from what I’ve heard, is that its just too much of an average MMORPG. Everything in its already been done. So if you want a typical MMORPG that also happens to be set in the Star Wars universe, Galaxies is your ticket.

It’s not my computer; I have a really good graphics card, and my friend has an even better one. He has SWG and I called him to ask what he thought of the game, and he has the same problem. So it’s probably the game programming. I did say that the character detail and the cities looked okay, it was just the terrain and a lot of the monsters that looked horrendous.

As for the balance, that’s irrelevant. What matters is that when you shoot a giant enemy from point blank range sometimes the laser goes in the opposite direction from where you shot it, and other times it simply passes through the enemy.

The thing with SWG is that it has no DEPTH. Sony didn’t even make it PLAYABLE. For starters, crafting takes what seems to be endless time to make a basic pack item. Teras Ksai experts and pistoleers have the increasingly boring jobs of going out, shooting things in a random base, and then coming back to the city. Once they join a faction, they do the same thing.

I even did some research and looked on a few other gaming sites to see what others thought of the game. Most of the reviews I saw didn’t like the game at all.

Sorry for the double post, I just have some more to add.

Let me tell you a little about SWG and how they treat their customers. First off I will give you a couple of quotes by just a few of the people who made it:

“Some problems can be made to go away by ignoring them” -Raph Koster

“We basically gave up on the melee class…” -Raph Koster

“The commando class is working as intended”-Q3PO (commandos could not even gain exp in their trees)

Maybe that will give you a idea of the mentality of the people that developed and currently run this game. When SWG shipped there were several classes that were broken and that you could not even advance in: Commando, Bio Engineer, Droid engineer, and more.

I could go on another rant about how the game has no depth and how the nerfing sucks, but I won’t and instead I’ll just say one more thing: Someone I know tried to point out some errors in the game on the SWG forums, and he got banned. I also heard that their phone support is just as rude.

I wasn’t planning on getting it anyway. I already play Planetside, which is pretty damn good already and getting better since they add things all the time. So I’m happy with what I got.

I thought those guns missed all the time anyway.

I’m yet to watch a Star Wars film in it’s entierty so I believe it’s safe to say I won’t buy this game. Not that I have the money to do so in the first place.

What led you to believe that a SW game would be remotely good? :stuck_out_tongue:
The only salvation for the games is the Jedi Knight series and KotOR