Star Wars: Episode III Info!!! Picture of evil Anakin and possibe name!!(Spoilers)

Possible name Lucas hints at is Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Guess people here gave up on Star Wars after the last two disasters George Lucas calls films.


Besides, I posted a plot synopsis a few months ago. Where were you? Don’t give me that shit. The last two movies, while not as good as the original three, where by no means bad movies. They just don’t hold the same magic as the first three.

Ok, ok!
No need to bite my head off!

I agree that Episode 1 and 2 aren’t that bad, but everyone always treats them like Gigli.
But jeez, nothing to get pissed about.

Sorc gets pissed off if his mom doesn’t put enough milk in his cereal in the morning.

Sorc, have you ever considered eating healthier? Its been shown that people with more balance in thier diets tend to be more pleasant, and happier than people whose diets consist of too much junk food.
:too bad:

Maybe you just need a hug, but I think a granola bar will help too.

But don’t think your off the hook Giz. You were unpleasant too.

Ultimately, the best solution is for Sorc and Giz to start eating granola together, so they can both be happier people.

I get the strangest feeling that I will be yelled at profusely for saying that…

I didn’t think Episode 1 was good and I thought Episode 2 was really boring. My expectations for Episode 3 are lots of hype :stuck_out_tongue:


And i didn’t like episodes 1 and 2 because i hate Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen. They weren’t too bad though. =\

As far as Episodes I and II go, methinks that both would have rocked on toast if someone had unplugged the computer and said, “NO! No more overly-glossy Effects! Lets put people in suits, use muppets and sift through dumpsters to get all the cool stuff.”

Though some Shinies are good, for the most part I like solid material on film. Yes there are more limits, and less capacity for super-cool things, but in the end, I think that I and II were overdone with the SFX, and the roles of Skywalker and Princess were cast to the worst people available. Aside from that a few cheesy lines in Phantom Menace, I loved the movies.

That doesn’t mean I don’t feel betrayed for being sold glitz when all that was needed was a simple spit-shine.

Come again? How about you not antagonize the guy that you so gleefully quoted in your signature.

For one thing, I make my own damn cereal.

For another, I don’t remember being mad when I wrote that…

Granola is the solution to all. :victoly:

I’ll just say this: George Lucas is a marketing genius, not a movie genius (anymore, if he ever was one).

Darth Sidious: So, Darth Tyramus, how goes our plots for sowing chaos and destruction?
Dooku: I think it would’ve been more effective if my action figure packaging hadn’t given away the fact that I was your servant weeks before the movie came out.

He’s not a marketing genius. He gave away the yoda fight scene in the previews - and taht could have been one of the greatest movie surprises of all time.