Star Ocean till the end of time, help

I recently got starocean 3 and i just wanted to know if anybody can give me a stratagy agiants beating Freya on 4D. im just trying to beat her not get all the battle thohpies that go along with that battle. I fought her for so long and i cant win. any help will be a aprieciated.

First, I suggest using the fastest characters. Fayt, Pepita, and Maria are my choices. Fast characters that attack quickly have the best odds of knocking her off balance when she tries to cast a spell. Also, if you get knocked back, have an item that stuns ready to go if she tries anything. After that, it’s a war of attrition. If you hold out long enough, and have enough stunning items, you should win after like 45 minutes plus of fighting.

fuck thats pretty long,
and how do i make something that will stun her. Im not very smart at the item creation thing

All the items that can stun an enemy can be created under Engineering.

So just try experimenting with different amounts, you will easily make some stun items. Since there are loads of different items, that can have the stun ability.

Thanks i think ill be albe to beat her now.