Star Ocean til the end of time: Can't recruit Noppen or Irene the Diviner...

I’m at the point where I’m hopping around Elicoor II before going to Sphere 211. I went and got enough money to buy the services of all the item creators that I can right now. I’m trying to get Noppen and Irene the Diviner but neither of them give me the prompt to recruit them. I’ve seen nothing implying glitches, the fact that they may be missable, or are available at a certain point. This is driving me nuts…


Dude, it’s a game most of us haven’t played in ages and it does such a great job of pissing you off with bullshit of all kinds that it hardly warrants a replay. I’d be genuinely surprised if anyone here even remembered anything about the item creation subquest beyond the fact that it was a frustrating pain in the ass and a heavy downgrade from the one in SO2.

And that you could easily end up with million FOL wilted salads.

All I can say is that some inventors require a particular item in order to recruit (usually either something you want to keep for yourself or could only be acquired through the talents of the very inventor you’re trying to recruit). It was a really retarded system.

I actually haven’t had a problem with it yet. I like it quite a bit. In fact, the entire game hasn’t been too annoying. Except the constant back tracking. I know there are hardcore players out there that have maxed out their levels on 4D, gotten all the best weapons and know when to recruit who, and after 7 years know the game inside and out. While I’m obviously not looking for someone like that, I’d have thought someone here would know something. Obviously you don’t. Fair enough.

I’m stupid. It was in the guide. My apologies.

Not a ringing endorsement either, right?

I don’t know what that means…

Look, yeah some parts were aggravating - The fucking hauler sequence in the Kirlsa cavers, having to fight your way out of long-winded dungeons (ie, the Sealed Cavern/Shrine of Kaddan…TWICE!) Compared to Last Hope - I remember next to nothing about Second Story - the bonus board and item creations suck, I’ll say that. Having to go out and recruit inventors AND get the items necessary to beef up your success rate is a pain, but once you do, it’s easy to create anything you want. I’m a fucking machine right now, I’m insanely overleveled with little effort (my favorite part about last hope) and I love it. It was a pain in the ass to get there, yeah, but the rewards were worth it.

Oh, because it read like you were saying well it’s not too bad. If you ended up having fun, that’s cool.