Star Ocean Adiction Too Much! How can I Play SO2 on my pc?

How can I Play Star Ocean 2 on my PC?
I’m downloading (several) SO2.rar arcives which I presume will have a SO2 disk X.iso files in.

I also know I need an emulator. But which one, and will it cost me money. (Which I can’t afford) (Specifications: Win 98, 1/2Ghz or WinMe 1Ghz).

Big Nutter
I have a 8 button USB pad which is simlar to PSX button arangements. (I’ll forced to have 2 bottons on the keybord as Start and select)

go to, get epsxe, p.e.o.p.s. soft gpu plugin, and eternal spu plugin. you will then be able to play it.

Use ePSXe. By far the best PSX emulator out there. The default plugins should be okay, I think. If not, download one or two of the other highly-rated ones (check and try them out.
About the controller, don’t worry, SO2 almost never uses Start/Select anyway. 8p

also, depending on the format those disc images are in, you may need something like alcohol 120% in order to burn or virtual drive them. you’ll have to hunt down a cracked version if you don’t wanna pay any cash.

Forget about that. Use Daemon Tools if you have to, it’s free and it’s always worked perfectly for me.