Star Ocean 2nd Story Question

If your lead character doesn’t have Dexterity, and someone else does, can you use that person’s stats to pickpocket? I’m playing with Rena and I’m not too far into the game, but I forgot to see if she had Dexterity, and it turns out she doesn’t but Claude does…so can I equip him with what’s necessary to pickpocket? Like will it still work when I go to do so? I looked up in the shrine the probability of Dext being unlocked in Rena and it’s not so high…I can’t remember how far into the game you have to be to play the Orchestra to raise the potential, and I want to start pickpocketing as early as I can.

So does the lead character have to be the one to do the stealing? Or can I use someone else for that? And if not, I guess I should start over?

The lead character has to be the one stealing.

Yep, Dexterity depends on the lead character. If you’re not too far in the game, it might be better to restart. ^^;

Thanks. On my first playthrough I just used another character to steal instead of Rena until I got Orchestra and got her to learn it so she could steal without FP lowering or whatever it does. Bless Orchestra ^^ I unlocked everything ^^ Thankfully this time when I started, I used Claude and he already had it.

SHIT! No wonder I’m not jacking anything from the hapless townsfolk…I gave my pickpocket skill to Ashton. Dammit!