Star Ocean 2: The field of power

Is there any other way out of the field of power on star ocean 2 cause ive searched every where and all the exits are blocked now.

You need to search the cliffs and eventually you’ll find a way out.

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I should be able to answer this question, but I regret to say I really can’t. I’ve never had that happen, unfortunately. Though I remember hearing there was an emergency exit switch somewhere.

Anyone else? Cid? Drak? I know this game well, but I have no idea about this one.

I think there’s a cliff where you can see the sunset and try saying something, then an avalanche will take you to the entrance.

That’s what I remember.

Yup. I have a map of it at home… I’ll see if I can dig it up.

i had that happen to me before, and i heard about a avalanch thing but i searched the whole thing like times through and never found it. it turned out i just ahd to restart at one of my previous save points.:fungah:

Yes, there is a cliff where you can trigger an avalanche. It’s fairly hard to miss when you see it, as it branches off fairly obviously from the main path.