Star Ocean 2 DexDrive save?

I’d like to start over SO2 from scratch to correct some errors and omissions in the shrine, but I also want to do so with a full list of items so I can test them gradually while I play. :sunglasses: I used a combination of my DexDrive, VGS, and [pec] (which lets me use Gameshark codes on VGS) to give me a save with Rena and all items… but for some reason I couldn’t get it to work with Claude.

Long and short of it is: If anyone here has SO2, a Gameshark, and a DexDrive, I’d appreciate it if you could send me a save at (or near) the start of the game with all items and Claude having the Dexterity Talent. (Note that some codes do give you a full inventory, but many items are just copies, so you only really have half the full list.)


I don’t have a save, but the debug code can give you all items and talents. It also gives you the dummied out/unused items. But SO2 is very touchy with regards to a GS. Sometimes it just freezes at random and gives funky graphics glitches even after you turn the 'shark off (or even save after using codes). Sorry I can’t be of more use.

I know, the debug code is what I was trying to use, but it refuses to work at all on VGS (and bleem! doesn’t let me save, and ePSXe doesn’t even work on my computer). I don’t remember how I got it to work the last time, but somehow I did (only with Rena though). -_-