Star Ocean 2 Cheatzz

OK, rather an odd request. Does anyone here have:

  1. Star Ocean 2
  2. Either a DexDrive and GameShark, or an emulator with cheating capabilities

I got the urge to replay SO2, and I might as well get some more info for the shrine while I’m at it, so I wanted to give myself full items and whatnot. Unfortunately I can’t get any of my emulators to work with cheating capabilities (the only one that does is bleem!, and it won’t let me load my game, and I don’t want to replay the first five hours again). Can anyone take the save I’ve attached <A HREF=>here</A> (it’s save file number 9) and just give me all the items (and the Dexterity Talent for Claude while you’re at it)? That’d be really really nice. ^^;

Btw, if your emulator doesn’t support GME files, just get a program called (I believe) PSXGameEdit, which allows you to switch between all major memory card formats.

I should be able to work something out, but you’ll have to give me until tomarrow.

Urm… Maybe not… Someone else try.

…Nobody? ;_;