Star gazing

I was introduced to this site last term at college and I enjoy it.

If you’ve already been to this site, good for you. If not, enjoy some really spiffy pictures.
note = the archives go back a LOOOOOONG time so there’s a lot of cool stuff to see.:victoly:

Thanks dude, I really loved it!

I’d like to own a huge telescope and a giant radio antennae someday… I love astronomy…

BTW, I wanna add this one:

London at Night? Looks almost like a gunshot on a piece of glass…

Stars pretty.

That London pic was awesome :slight_smile: I see what you mean about the gunshot effect, though :wink: I too love astronomy, the solar system in particular, if I had a decent enough telescope I could sit and stare at the heavens all night, provided it wasn’t raining… :slight_smile:

I have a truly stunning picture of the Earth at Night, but it’s too big to post on the ToB… any suggestions?

Place a link to it. You could also make a thumbnail.

wow I’m retarded. thanks Ren. Here’s the link.

the picture I had was bigger, but this works.

Thanks dude, that’s my new wallpaper

edit: I know this doesn’t pertain to astronomy but you may kinda measure regional development in the pic by the denstity of lights in a given area.

That is one awesome picture… even if I find myself drawn to the bits with no lights :wink:

And what are those lights in the middle of the Atlantic? :hmm: didn’t know there were any major cities that far out to sea…

I want to dig out my old crappy telescope now: It’s in a closet here somewhere, collecting dust.
There’s a reason why I prefer the nightsky to the day’s: It’s pretty.

I have a bigger version of the ‘World at Night’ image should anyone be interested.

I’ll check it out, if you’re itching to show it to somebody.

Nulani: I am.

Neb: they’re mostly islands under Portugal’s possession.

Yeah, like the Azores and such.

We’ve used that site for many, many wallpapers over the past few months.

I find star gazing relaxing…

Now THAT is just cool. I remember a few times I used to go stargazing with my mom at night … it was fun.

I’m a personal fanatic of Astronomy. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been collcting pictures and stuff. To bad my country isn’t in the best position o see the good stuff.

I can’t believe you said that! Check the link I put in my first post and try getting a sky map, man, you’ll see you’re in a very good position to see a lot of things.

Stargazing is great. I love having a new moon at a place I vacation in Baja, you can see the faintest stars and it is fairly bright from nothing more than stars. It really gives a sense of just how enourmous the universe really is.

<img src=“”> I have a telescope, but it usually is too cloudy here to see anything, and I can’t really set it up anywhere besides my roof or my bedroom window. Note that there are no stairs to my roof, so climbing up there is rather dangerous.